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CodeLumen’s Ultraviolet Light Solution “CLean” Aids Reopening of Businesses Across Western Hemisphere

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CodeLumen, a Pan-American lighting innovator and manufacturer, launches “CLean,” a disinfecting UV-C lighting product line designed to kill coronavirus and other pathogens in commercial and residential buildings. CLean’s energy efficient virus and bacteria-eliminating solutions were designed by self-funded, minority co-founders Julio Gabbert, a 19-year lighting veteran formerly with the German Department of Defense, and Luis Medina, a former NASA engineer.

Most UV products on the market are not rigorously tested and have proven to be ineffective. CodeLumen’s CLean fixtures make use of cutting edge, next generation UV-C standards to sterilize and inactivate harmful viruses and bacteria. CLean’s fixtures radiates UV rays at a wavelength of 254nm, this sterilization process is called Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, which is considered the most effective method to break down chemical bonds and scrambles the structure of a microorganism’s DNA, RNA, and other proteins, preventing it from multiplying and causing infection.

The quality of CLean fixtures can be measured by its safely radiated irradiance. CLean’s irradiance yields higher doses of UV Light, ensuring the deactivation of strong pathogens.

Demand from existing clients led to the creation of CLean and the first batch rapidly sold out. Co-founder Julio Gabbert said, “COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented community effort and mobilization in every region. CodeLumen has the expertise and the equipment necessary to quickly, safely, and efficiently sustain business operations for commercial, residential and institutional facilities during this prolonged period of economic uncertainty.”

Founded in 2012, CodeLumen has a track record of integrating innovative lighting installations with marquee hospitality and commercial clients like The Ritz Carlton, Marriott Hotels, OmniMax International, and Rappi. CodeLumen provides CLean disinfecting UV-C solutions across North, Central, and South America.

CodeLumen co-founder Luis Medina added, “Everyone needs to do their part to combat the pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s essential to educate the public on the science behind COVID-19 and on proven methods of denaturing the virus, rendering it inert. CodeLumen’s UV-C lights and air filters act as powerful disinfectants that can save lives, providing enterprises, SMBs, and governments with the tools to fight back.”

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