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Cogito’s Growing Client Roster Now Includes Eight Fortune 25 Companies

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Cogito, the leader in AI Coaching Systems for the enterprise, today announced that another Fortune 25 organization has selected the company’s human-aware AI Coach with a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal to continue their commitment to employee and customer experience. The deal marks the 8th company of the Fortune 25 Cogito supports today across the telecommunications, healthcare, insurance, technology and financial industries, and expands the company’s upcoming international deployments.

Supporting tens of thousands of phone professionals and frontline leaders worldwide, Cogito’s modern AI Coaching system delivers reliable, consistent real-time coaching across in-house, outsourced, and work from home professionals in the era of hybrid work. The immense change felt by phone professionals globally during the transition to remote work further solidified the need to better support agents as they handle higher call volumes, heightened emotional states and overall wellness. Cogito delivers this necessary coaching to ease cognitive overload, improve agent performance, and deliver better customer service; helping agents build trust and deliver empathy in every conversation.

In fact, from December 2019 to December 2020, Cogito’s Behavioral Science team analyzed 23 million calls to determine the pandemic’s effect on frontline customer engagement and found global customer experience scores dropped by 2.33 percent. This is a leading indicator that customers were less satisfied and that future loyalty was at stake as McKinsey has previously reported positive emotional experiences increased a brand’s share of the customer’s wallet among 87 percent of customers.

​​Cogito’s strategic approach in leveraging human aware AI for conversational intelligence in customer service has been validated by leading industry analysts. According to Forrester,¹ “Spoken conversations are the bedrock of customer interactions for every firm and are growing in importance in terms of dollar value and CX impact…To manage and improve your ever-growing number of high-impact customer conversations, you need to analyze and drive action from these conversations…You need the ability to surface these insights to the right person at the right time.”

Continuing with its commitment to deliver integrated solutions with the world’s leading contact center voice providers, Cogito recently completed integration testing with partner Five9, which is set to be acquired by Zoom. The milestone adds the Five9 Telephony Platform Integration to Cogito’s list of supported integrations along with Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, and Amazon Connect. The AI-informed coach augments humans through live, in-call voice analysis and feedback to provide instant awareness of speaking behaviors and a customer’s perception to drive stronger human connections and better call outcomes. The platform successfully increases the effectiveness of call center supervisors with virtual “walk the floor” capabilities, positive reinforcement and streamlined coaching sessions. These supported integrations and platform capabilities, coupled with data never before available, help contact center operators raise the performance of all team members thus improving call outcomes throughout an organization in Service, Sales, and Support.

“We’re honored to support another global Enterprise organization on their path to improving the experiences for employees and customers through real-time, human-aware coaching,” said Josh Feast, CEO and co-founder of Cogito. “I believe increased success at work will come when organizations leverage humans, paired with AI, to drive an enhanced experience in the moments that matter most—and Cogito delivers that exceptionally well.”

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¹“Now Tech: Conversation Intelligence, Q2 2021”, Kjell Carlsson, Ian Jacobs, Forrester, June 2, 2021

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