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Cognitive Systems Hires Mesh WiFi Creator Gopi Sirineni in Advisor Role

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Cognitive Systems Corp. today announced that Gopi Sirineni will be joining the company as an advisor, focusing on strategic direction and advancing partnerships. A visionary and pioneer, with over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor, software and systems industries, Gopi was instrumental in the creation of mesh WiFi.

“2020 is a transformative year for Cognitive Systems. We are expanding in all areas, including partnerships, personnel, and product features. This requires controlled growth – it’s imperative that we are able to effectively support our customers as we scale,” said Taj Manku, CEO and co-founder of Cognitive Systems. “Gopi’s considerable expertise will help us build our business strategically and position us as the trusted solutions provider for WiFi motion detection.”

As Vice President at Qualcomm, the leader in mesh networking, Gopi revolutionized the RF sensing industry by creating a new market segment using the WiFi Self-Organizing Network (SON) to detect motion without adding any additional devices.

While at Qualcomm, Gopi was responsible for managing the Wired/Wireless Infrastructure business unit. He successfully drove the market to adopt distributed mesh WiFi and pushed the WiFi Self-Organizing Network (SON), a network of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. In addition to defining the right chips and ensuring timely delivery, Gopi was also crucial in increasing awareness of this new technology, educating customers and consumers through public speaking campaigns and working with media.

“I’ve always been an advocate of Cognitive Systems – leaders in the RF sensing space. They are spearheading a game-changing industry disruption that will reimagine the way we use WiFi,” said Gopi Sirineni. “I’m excited to be a part of their journey and look forward to helping them deliver customer experiences that go beyond just WiFi connectivity.”

Prior to Qualcomm, Gopi held executive marketing and engineering leadership roles at Ubicom, Appliedmicro, Cavium, Marvell and IDT, where he built up expertise in core networking, embedded CPU and WiFi. He was also CEO and founder of Cloudgrapes, a cloud transcoding company. Gopi has chaired IEEE Project Authorization Requests (PARs) and contributed to both Ethernet and WiFi standards, in addition to being a long-standing member of the Board of Directors for Codelucida Inc.

About Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Systems Corp. is on a mission to transform the way WiFi networks are used. Its flagship technology, WiFi Motion™, uses wireless signals to detect motion in the home. WiFi Motion harnesses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to reliably identify and localize motion for the smart home, home monitoring and wellness monitoring markets. This patented technology is layered onto existing WiFi networks without additional hardware to enhance service provider and router manufacturer offerings.