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ColdQuanta Selected as an Industry Partner for DOE’s Quantum Science Center

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ColdQuanta, the quantum atomics company, was selected as one of only three industry partners for the Department of Energy (DOE) Quantum Science Center (QSC), under the collaboration headed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Announced by ORNL earlier today, the collaboration is charged with developing quantum technologies that will usher in a new era of innovation to enhance national security and ensure that America remains a global leader in scientific R&D. IBM and Microsoft were named as the other two industry partners.

In announcing ORNL as the leader of the collaboration, QSC Director and ORNL physicist David Dean said: “We pulled together a fantastic team from four national laboratories, three industry partners and nine universities to overcome key roadblocks in quantum state resilience, controllability and ultimately scalability of quantum technologies. We are prepared to catalyze quantum materials, computing and devices research to significantly impact the national quantum ecosystem.”

“The selection of ColdQuanta as a partner in this national initiative is a huge honor,” said ColdQuanta CEO Bo Ewald. “It is also a testament to our expertise in quantum technologies and our track record of delivering on our commitments to U.S. Government programs. We are very excited about being part of this mission critical collaboration.”

The QSC is one of five multidisciplinary National Quantum Information Science Research Centers supported by the DOE’s Office of Science. To find out more, visit the website.

About ColdQuanta

ColdQuanta leads the market in commercializing quantum atomics, the next wave of the information age. The company’s Quantum Core™ technology is based on ultra-cold atoms cooled to a temperature of nearly absolute zero; lasers manipulate and control the atoms with extreme precision. ColdQuanta manufactures components, instruments, and turnkey systems that address a broad spectrum of applications: quantum computing, timekeeping, navigation, radiofrequency sensors, and quantum communications. ColdQuanta’s global customers include major commercial and defense companies; all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense; national labs operated by the Department of Energy, NASA, and NIST; and major universities. ColdQuanta is based in Boulder, CO, with offices in Madison, Wisconsin, and Oxford, UK.

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