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Collective 54 Brings Global Business Opportunities to Members through Partnership with the Opportunity Network

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Collective 54, the only national peer advisory network for owners of professional services firms, and Opportunity Network, the online business matchmaking platform connecting key business decision-makers from all over the world, are joining forces to support private and secure business networking providing a personal and tailored service to Collective 54 members.

Through the Opportunity Network, members of Collective 54 can now connect to over 30,000 qualified CEOs and investors in over 120 countries to find buyers, distributors and providers for their products and services. In addition, Collective 54 members can expand their businesses efficiently by promoting their services, posting opportunities, connecting with interested buyers, and growing their connections to other decision-makers – all through the Opportunity Network’s private and secure platform.

Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving network economy in recent years, the development of online business matchmaking has gathered pace on a global scale. Opportunity Network’s exclusive platform consists of over 30,000 chief executive officers (CEOs), ultra-high-net-worth individuals and family offices from more than 120 countries, who have participated in more than 70,000 connections to date and listed deals with an aggregated value of more than $295 billion. Members can join the platform through invitation by top financial institutions or professional organizations, like Collective 54. Opportunity Network gives members direct access to end buyers, distributors, investors and partners for joint ventures.

“We are delighted to partner with Opportunity Network and provide members of Collective 54 with opportunities across industries, geographies, deal types and sizes to support company strategic and business objectives, including forging new partnerships to support innovation, growth or new strategic initiatives,” said Linda Fisk, CEO of Collective 54. “Opportunity Network will allow our members to sell or acquire private companies, raise capital, and invest or execute any other strategic transaction efficiently and effectively. Collective 54 provides a platform for members to access unique opportunities to grow, scale and maximize their enterprise value, and this is another example of how we can serve the Collective 54 membership,” added Fisk.

Through this agreement, Collective 54’s network of owners of professional services firms can share business opportunities on Opportunity Network’s platform. Members can search through deals on the network and if they are interested in doing business, Opportunity Network makes the introduction. The company has facilitated thousands of connections to date and listed deals with an aggregated value of over $295 billion.

“Online business matchmaking has huge potential in terms of shaping the future of business partnerships. We’re excited to establish a trusted partnership with Collective 54 and to provide access to our platform across their nationwide network of owners, founders and CEOs of professional services firms. Personal introductions are still important, but we see an increasing demand from companies looking for high-quality digital channels that can help them meet their growth objectives in a secure and convenient manner,” said Brian Pallas, Founder and CEO of Opportunity Network.

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About Opportunity Network

Opportunity Network ( is the business matchmaking platform where members find trustworthy counterparties for any deal above $1M and that allows banks to grow their market share. Members, key decision-makers selected by financial institutions from all over the world, post Opportunities anonymously that vary from M&A, commercial partnerships, investments, to joint ventures. Opportunity Network has now a valuation of around $165Mn and partnerships with top financial institutions like London Stock Exchange Group, Caixa Bank, and Intesa Sanpaolo. Its growing team currently counts over 10 people with over 25 different nationalities operating all over the world. Among other publications, Opportunity Network has been featured by the Financial Times (, Forbes ( and other international publications (for more information:

About Collective 54

Collective 54 is the only national peer advisory network for owners of professional services firms, focused exclusively on growing, scaling and maximizing firm valuation. Collective 54 has the most exclusive access to the highest-caliber professional services business owners in the world. Collective 54 is a resource multiplier that helps business owners solve problems faster, avoid costly mistakes, find valuable resources and accelerate success. For more information, visit