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Collegis Education Releases Higher Ed Program Analysis 2020

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Collegis Education, a technology-enabled, revenue-growth management (RGM) company, is pleased to announce the release of its Higher Ed Program Analysis 2020, a research and insights report to help institutions identify unique programming opportunities as well as potential risks to grow revenue in an ever-changing market. In the report, Collegis has compiled research on higher education programming that shares what students are seeking, helps institutions navigate today’s competitive landscape to uncover opportunities, and includes a self-assessment worksheet that colleges and universities can use to evaluate new program considerations.

“Student preferences are changing, and the market is more competitive than ever,” said Brad Frank, chief marketing officer at Collegis Education. “Some students are beginning to question whether a degree is the right option for them. Others who do think higher education is valuable are leaning toward career-oriented programs that lead to attractive jobs. Also, online offerings and nondegree certificates are creating challenges for traditional programs. Today, any program portfolio adjustment, including launching, cutting or growing a program, requires careful consideration. Our Higher Ed Program Analysis 2020 can help institutions gain a clearer understanding of what adjustments they should consider or may need to make.”

Collegis Education conducted extensive research on higher education programming that resulted in helping to identify student-driven changes, areas that present either opportunity or risk and obstacles to effectively entering a new market. In the analysis, readers will learn:

  • How the degree market is structured and the driving forces behind what’s growing, stable and declining
  • How to balance a program portfolio in a way that accounts for growth opportunities as well as potential risk
  • How to identify barriers to market entry
  • How to self-assess opportunities and make data-informed decisions – a new program worksheet is included in the full report

“Sticking with the same core programs that have proven successful in the past without any adjustment will likely lead to diminishing, and possibly negative, returns over time,” said Jamie Cowie, president and chief executive officer at Collegis Education. “By recognizing the way student preferences are changing, identifying program opportunities as well as risks and acknowledging barriers to entry, institutions can begin to approach any changes to their portfolios more thoughtfully and ultimately lead to more successful program portfolio changes and enrollment growth.”

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