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Collegis Education Releases Higher Education Programmatic Market Analysis 2019

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, a technology-enabled, revenue-growth management (RGM)
company, is pleased to announce the release of its Higher
Education Programmatic Market Analysis 2019
, a research and insights
report to help institutions identify unique programming opportunities to
grow revenue in a complex market. In the report, which launched in
spring 2019, Collegis has compiled research on higher education
programming from four key angles, including student preferences, growth
opportunities, regional differences and competitive dynamics.
Institutions should consider these four areas as they evaluate what
programs to keep, grow or launch.

“The higher education market has become more complex. Specifically, the
rise of online education and the consolidation in the market has changed
how colleges and universities need to view enrollment growth,” said
Terri Nierengarten, senior director – academic solutions at Collegis
Education. “Prospective students are also questioning the value of a
degree and employers are asking for workforce-ready graduates who have
digital and analytics skills along with the critical-thinking skills
that are typically associated with the liberal arts. At Collegis, we
believe institutions need to consider how their overall program
portfolio is likely to perform instead of focusing on just one program
at a time when looking to keep, grow or launch new programs. Regional or
national data alone does not tell the whole story, and we hope our
analysis encourages colleges and university leaders to think local when
approaching programmatic decisions.”

Compiling data from 20 discrete resources, Collegis programmatic growth
strategy experts identified the following trends.

  • Changing Student Preferences

    • Prospects have become savvy consumers.
    • Program preferences continue to shift and evolve.
  • Growth Opportunities

    • Shifting preferences require a balanced portfolio approach.
    • A small number of programs are driving large declines and large
      increases in conferrals.
  • Regional Differences

    • Just because a program is on-trend nationally or doing great in a
      different region, does not mean it will thrive in every region.
  • Competitive Dynamics

    • Market leaders with robust value propositions are growing share.
    • Data requires careful evaluation as the macro perspective can
      often obscure more nuanced trends.

Key data highlighted in the report include:

  • Every degree level has a primary area of weakness slowing growth and
    eclipsing underlying trends.

    • Master’s degrees grew 6.6 percent since 2013, however, if you
      exclude Education degrees, the remaining programs expanded at
      nearly two times that (12.3 percent).
  • National data does not always tell the complete story.

    • Nationally, Social and Psychological Sciences degrees grew five
      percent since 2013.
    • When evaluated more closely, the Great Lakes region is in decline
      (-4 percent) while the Southwest region is experiencing rapid
      growth (23 percent).
  • Even in healthy program areas, careful consideration is needed.

    • While the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science experienced an
      increase of 12,000 additional conferred degrees in the past five
      years, less than 50 percent of all Science and Technology
      offerings grew during that same time period.
  • Leading program providers are increasingly dominating key markets.

    • An example includes the Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN). The
      top 10 MSN providers grew at 84 percent with the rest declining at
      two percent.

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