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Colorado Bureau of Investigation Extends Access to State’s Sex Offender Registry through Gov2Go

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Citizens can now access the benefits of the Colorado Sex Offender
Registry (SOR) with Gov2Go, the first personal assistant for government,
on their cell phones. SOR is the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s
(CBI) official registry. It addresses the public’s need to protect
themselves and their children from people convicted of offenses
involving unlawful sexual behavior.

“The new platform on Gov2Go offers citizens access to registered sex
offender information through the convenience of their cell phones,” said
CBI Director, John Camper. “This feature not only serves as a critical
public safety tool, but also gives parents, teachers and community
members peace of mind.”

After citizens download Gov2Go at
and create an account, they select the SOR from the services menu.
Gov2Go prompts them to enter a ZIP Code that they would like to receive
notifications of sex offenders. Then, Gov2Go’s message system sends
citizens a weekly ZIP Code Watch when there is a registry change in the
ZIP Code they are tracking. These notifications contain a list of
offender names, and each name is hyperlinked for more information.

Clicking on a name takes citizens to the offender’s page on the SOR’s
web application,
(This application will be the citizen’s resource for obtaining the
initial list of all sex offenders in their ZIP Code.) Details on the
page include the offender’s:

  • Photo, name, address and county
  • Gender, race and physical description, as well as unique identifiers
    (scars, marks, tattoos)
  • Description of the conviction and additional comments

“Citizens are using cell phones to access more government services, so
the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is finding innovative ways to
address their safety needs through them,” said Colorado Interactive (CI)
President and General Manager, Mike Ansley. “Gov2Go working in
conjunction with the Sex Offender Registry’s web app offers citizens a
multifaceted protection tool.”

CBI enlisted the services of CI and the Statewide Internet Portal
Authority (SIPA) to add the SOR as a service in Gov2Go. CI provides
digital government services to state agencies, local governments and
educational entities through a contract with SIPA—the official internet
portal connecting the public with Colorado government. The partnership’s
mission allows government leaders to focus on delivering on-demand,
digital government solutions without requests for proposals or the use
of tax appropriations. One example was creating the SOR’s web app in
2014. The CI/SIPA partnership has benefited more than 40
state-department programs.

“It is so important that Colorado residents be able to find all of their
government information in one place, and Gov2Go’s flexibility allows it
to constantly meet the needs of residents in both convenience and
security,” said SIPA Executive Director, Jack Arrowsmith.

About Colorado Interactive

Colorado Interactive (CI) is the team behind the official website of the
state of Colorado (
and is overseen by the Statewide
Internet Portal Authority
. The portal operates through a
public-private partnership between the state and CI to help Colorado
government entities web-enable their services. CI builds, operates,
maintains, and markets and is part of the digital
government firm, NIC
(Nasdaq: EGOV). In 2018, CI launched NIC’s personal government platform,
Gov2Go, to assist citizens with services including vehicle registration

About SIPA

Established in 2004 by the Colorado General Assembly, the Statewide
Internet Portal Authority
 (SIPA) is a self-funded government
organization created to be Colorado’s single most comprehensive delivery
channel for electronic government (eGovernment) services. SIPA strives
to accelerate the adoption of efficient and effective eGovernment
services by placing more online to benefit Colorado residents. In
addition to no-cost websites, payment processing and event registration
setup, SIPA provides SaaS technology solutions, consulting and cyber
security assessments. (

About NIC

NIC Inc. (Nasdaq: EGOV) launched the digital government industry in
1992, and continues to lead it, providing a secure payment engine and
thousands of digital government solutions across a network of more than
6,000 federal, state, and local government agencies. In addition, NIC is
the nation’s leading provider of outdoor recreation solutions, with 1
out of 6 hunting and fishing licenses in the United States sold using an
NIC service. The Company launched the nation’s first personal assistant
for government and comprehensive mobile platform, Gov2Go®, as
well as the innovative, data-driven prescription drug monitoring
platform, RxGov®. More information is available at