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Combined Transport Extends Video-Based Safety Solution with New SmartSense IoT Technologies

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Omnitracs, LLC, a leader in SaaS-based fleet management and data analytics solutions and a pioneer in transportation technology, announced that Combined Transport has added both SmartSense™ for Speeding for Conditions and SmartSense for Sitting Duck to its SmartDrive video-based safety solution. American Trucking and Transportation Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group (ATTIC, RRG) insurance captive, reinforced the importance of technology to improve safety by providing a subsidy to help Combined Transport in its decision to add these safety services to its technology suite.

Headquartered in Central Point, Oregon, Combined Transport is a specialized trucking company that operates in 48 states and Canada with a variety of divisions, including heavy haul, glass, general commodity, refrigerated, and dry van. Safety has always been important to the company, and after a trial with another video solution, Combined Transport selected the SmartDrive video-based safety program due to its ease of use, intuitive portal, and superb customer support. “Whenever you bring new technology into a company, you want to be sure you have support to ensure its success,” commented Melissa Dockery, Combined Transport Safety and Operations Manager. “The support we’ve received from SmartDrive – from the beginning of our journey until today – has been second to none. Every question answered. Every issue resolved. 24/7 support whenever we’ve needed it.”

As a result of implementing the SmartDrive solution, Combined Transport saw several exonerations and an 18% reduction in collisions per million miles. Seeing the impact of the SmartDrive solution at Combined Transport, ATTIC, RRG recommended the fleet add SmartSense for Speeding for Conditions and SmartSense for Sitting Duck. SmartSense is a line of intelligent driver-assist sensors and IoT solutions that identify the most dangerous driving risks and intervene with drivers before a catastrophic event occurs. By combining purpose-built sensors with computer vision, engine telematics, and accelerometer data, the SmartSense suite of sensors enables new levels of accurate risk identification and collision mitigation.

“ATTIC’s subsidy made the decision to add these solutions a no-brainer,” commented Dockery. “Seeing results from other fleets, I know we would have done it eventually, but with ATTIC’s recommendation and subsidy we were able to do it sooner. I’m glad we did.” In addition to exonerations, the improvement in accidents per million miles and lower loss and claim defense costs had a positive outcome for Combined Transport’s insurance renewal.

“With insurance premiums, nuclear verdicts, and everyday driving risks skyrocketing, fleets must be able to identify hidden dangers and proactively address them,” said Jason Palmer, General Manager, Transportation Intelligence, Omnitracs. “Building on our track record of technology innovation, we developed two new features to alert drivers concerning weather and safe parking. We know these solutions will not only save fleets money, but, more importantly, save lives.”

With 23% of truck crashes occurring when drivers are traveling too fast for weather conditions, SmartSense for Speeding for Conditions addresses these challenges by measuring vehicle speed vs. a recommended – or fleet-specified – standard for safe driving in inclement weather conditions. It provides real-time data to assess the severity of driving too fast for conditions incidents, particularly in fog, rain or snow, and alerting drivers of the risks within minutes and recommending the appropriate speed for the conditions.

Lack of available truck parking is one of the top issues facing the industry, which can result in “sitting duck” situations – trucks parked in locations that put drivers and the motoring public at risk. SmartSense for Sitting Duck detects and reports vehicles that have stopped, parked, or stalled in a potentially hazardous location; provides real-time data to assess the severity of the incident so immediate, corrective action can be taken; and delivers video insight into why and where the driver is stopped or parked.

“I measure success in terms of how we’re making progress and moving in the right direction,” concluded Dockery. “We continue to try new technologies, and if they work, like the SmartDrive suite of safety solutions, then I know we’re making progress. And, as a result, I recommend it to other companies looking to make their fleets safer.”

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