Press release

Come See the Latest Kyocera’s microLED Display Using glo’s microLED Panel for Smartwatches at the Kyocera CEATEC Booth at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex Center, Chiba Japan

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A 200PPI, 1.8” RGB microLED display will be showcased at the Kyocera booth during the CEATEC Show in Chiba Japan from Oct 15th-18th 2019 (Hall 7, Booth #H020).

This microLED display uses glo’s all-InGaN RGB microLEDs, including the world’s only red InGaN microLED.

“glo’s microLED displays have brightness up to 1M nits with full HDR capability. This display technology leverages existing TFT manufacturing infrastructure for production, avoiding the huge investment needed for OLED manufacturing”, said Fariba Danesh, CEO of glo AB.

glo was established in the heart of Silicon Valley USA in 2010. For additional information or investment opportunity, please contact Henry Chiu,