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Commure Launches FHIR Standard-Based Platform for Healthcare Innovation

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Commure, a healthcare technology company, today announced the Commure Developer Platform that will allow developers to rapidly build and deploy healthcare applications. Built on open standards and fully FHIR®-compliant, the Commure Developer Platform is available today to health system in-house innovation teams and third-party developers alike.

Few industries are as regulated and administratively complex as healthcare, resulting in a high barrier to entry for progressive technologies. While the 2009 HITECH Act transformed hospitals and doctors’ offices by mandating a conversion from paper to digital health records, the lack of focus on interoperability resulted in a system that runs on legacy software. Siloed data, high security, complex compliance requirements, and closed infrastructure uniquely challenge software developers building healthcare technology products.

“At Commure, we’ve brought together top minds in technology, healthcare and design to build systems that will greatly simplify the process of developing for health systems,” said Eugene Kuznetsov, Commure’s co-founder and CTO. “From day one, we’ve collaborated closely with healthcare professionals and administrators to ensure we built a tech stack that’s robust yet flexible and has security, privacy, and regulatory compliance at its core.”

Building on best practices and the HL7® FHIR® standard supported by the U.S. government, as required by the 21 Century Cures Act, and major technology vendors, the Commure Developer Platform includes: an HL7 FHIR server designed on open principles; a detailed security framework, event service bus, API gateway, flexible data store, terminology services; and healthcare-specific UI components. The Platform allows developers to create applications and is fully managed and hosted by Commure. Commure streamlines integration via a HIPAA-attested cloud environment. Commure is live in several major health systems, allowing for a real-time production environment to release virtual and in-hospital applications.

“The market has proven time and time again that leveraging an open standard approach accelerates innovation,” said Kuznetsov. “As one of the first companies to create a FHIR-native platform, we are truly making it easier for developers to create new apps for medical professionals, with transparent control from security and compliance review to clinical informatics.”

“We empathize with doctors, nurses, patients and those who support the delivery of healthcare, who are increasingly demanding modern software solutions that enable better care,” said Brent Dover, Commure CEO. “We are working to minimize the challenges that have historically kept developers from innovating in this space. We measure our success by our ability to enable more developers to innovate successfully in healthcare, just as they have in other industries.”

Commure was hatched in the offices of and is backed by General Catalyst, a venture capital firm that has deep investments in the healthcare space including in companies like Livongo, Oscar, Color, and Mindstrong.

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About Commure:

Commure is a San Francisco-based technology company focused on accelerating healthcare software innovation. The company’s developer-facing product, based on the FHIR standard, makes it seamless for software developers to create and deploy next generation healthcare applications with a secure, reliable, compliant and interoperable foundation based on modern standards. Commure offers developers transparent control from security and compliance review to clinical informatics, while enabling integration and a HIPAA-attested cloud environment. Commure was hatched at General Catalyst, which has backed healthcare companies such as Livongo, Oscar, Mindstrong, and Color. For more information, visit

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