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Company Profile for Advent Intermodal Solutions

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Advent Intermodal Solutions is a leading provider of SaaS platforms and
applications that streamline the operations of key stakeholders moving
cargo through the landside supply chain. Today, over 140,000 registered
users rely on Advent’s eModal platform to gain critical visibility,
executional control and process optimization every day at major ports
and terminals across North America, including eight of the top 10 US
port gateways. For more information, visit

Company:   Advent Intermodal Solutions
Headquarters Address: 890 Mountain Ave.
Murray Hill, NJ 07974
Main Telephone: +1 908-795-3200

Type of Organization: Private


Key Executives: CEO: Parvez Mansuri
Chief Strategy Officer: Allen Thomas
COO: Jonathan Coslet
Public Relations
Contact: Stefanie Gesiorski