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CompuCom Improves Customer Experience from the Inside Out with Celonis

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Celonis, the leader in enterprise acceleration software, today announced that CompuCom is using Celonis’ intelligent process mining technology to analyze and improve its managed service processes in more than 4 million ServiceNow incidents per year, achieving up to 20% reduction in service ticket volumes.

CompuCom is the largest managed service provider in North America and has been named a leader in Managed Workplace Services by analysts. Today, Celonis is a major component in a bespoke suite of technology that hundreds of CompuCom analysts use to serve enterprise clients, including seven of the top 10 retailers in the US. By using process mining technology to accelerate and transform their service processes, CompuCom has saved individual customers thousands of hours in monthly support creating a frictionless customer experience for long term advantage.

“We started with Celonis in 2015 to improve our service management processes and now understand the entire life cycle of all service tickets,” said Joe Simon, VP of Enterprise Intelligence at CompuCom. “With Celonis we uncover the complicated reality of how an issue is actually handled versus how we think it is being handled. This creates immediate actionable opportunities to create value with impactful outcomes that contribute to our being named a market leader in our field.”

With better identification, classification and analysis of root causes for tickets, CompuCom transformed the way it triaged individual incidents, continuously improving operational processes to reduce overall ticket volume. Using Celonis, CompuCom has been able to deploy a combination of different process improvement actions like shifting incidents to lower-cost resources where appropriate, simplifying processes for faster resolution, automating incident handling through chatbots, or eliminating tickets altogether through better user training and self-service tools.

“CompuCom was one of the early North American companies to recognize the potential of process mining to create competitive advantage for their business, and the results of their investment are clear,” said Alexander Rinke, CEO of Celonis. “CompuCom has leveraged process mining to accelerate action once the points of operational friction were uncovered. It’s not enough to see and understand the issues, and companies that use Celonis to springboard change reap the benefits by delivering an unmatched customer experience.”

About Celonis

Celonis ( is the New York- and Munich-based leader in enterprise performance acceleration software, turning process insights into action with the process mining technology it pioneered. Its Intelligent Business Cloud allows organizations to rapidly understand and improve the operational backbone of their business. Companies around the world including Siemens, GM, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis technology to guide action and drive change to business processes, resulting in millions of dollars saved and an improved experience for their customers.