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CompuCom Partners with Women in Technology Network to Expand Career Opportunities for Associates

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CompuCom, a managed workplace services provider and wholly owned subsidiary of The ODP Corporation (NASDAQ:ODP), announced today that its Women in Technology Affinity Group has joined the global Women in Technology (WiT) Network as a corporate member. This new partnership will extend to CompuCom’s WiT members the empowering networking, mentoring and education practices of the larger WiT organization.

“We are thrilled that through our diversity and inclusion Affinity Groups, such as Women in Technology, CompuCom is demonstrating its commitment to empowering and growing the careers of its female associates,” said CompuCom Chief Marketing Officer Heather Lockhart. “Being a member of the global WiT organization creates another opportunity for CompuCom to demonstrate its commitment to forging a gender equal world.”

Through CompuCom’s WiT Network membership its associates will have access to the networking and mentoring resources they need to ensure CompuCom provides a more inclusive and gender-balanced workplace. CompuCom’s WiT Network membership will help the company attract and grow more gender-balanced teams, while also helping individual associates to grow and thrive in their chosen careers.

“CompuCom joining the WiT Network exemplifies our long-term commitment to gender equality in the workplace and our willingness to take meaningful action to ensure our female associates have equal opportunities to attain leadership positions and advance their careers,” said CompuCom President Mick Slattery.

In a year marked by crisis and uncertainty and recognizing the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on female representation in the workplace, CompuCom’s joining the WiT Network acknowledges that a more equitable workplace tomorrow requires the implementation of a strong post-pandemic program of empowerment and resilience today.

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