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Concierge Health Selects Cymatic to Stop Credential-Based Attacks

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Cymatic today announced that Concierge Health is integrating the Cymatic all-in-one web application defense platform into the Concierge wellness app to proactively protect sensitive customer data from user- and device-based threats, including compromised and breached credentials, bot attacks, and poor user security hygiene.

Cymatic’s groundbreaking client-side platform delivers first-look, first-strike capability that is earliest in the kill chain—a fundamental shift in traditional approaches to security. By moving protection from the network side to the client, Cymatic defends against today’s most sophisticated client-based attacks. It provides universal in-session visibility and control to reduce risk across web applications, networks, and users while decreasing network traffic loads and eliminating user friction.

With more than 500 customers, Concierge Health is a leading health and wellness management platform that improves the consumer fitness experience. Its Concierge platform is used by more than 1900 facilities to connect check-in, scheduling, payment, and other processes in a single application. The application also speeds the processing of reimbursement payments, incentives, and rewards for consumers.

“Fitness has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry, which is why studios and facilities have become a primary target of cyber criminals,” said Troy Simon, chief executive officer at Concierge Health. “We needed a solution that would proactively protect our customers and their online properties, regardless of the threats that their users bring with them on their devices. Cymatic integrated into the Concierge platform in a matter of seconds and protected our clients’ web applications without disrupting their customers’ experiences. Cymatic has demonstrably improved our security program and inoculated Concierge customers against today’s user- and device-driven threats.”

Instead of just protecting network-based threats like traditional WAFs, Cymatic uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to identify page mutations and user anomalies. The platform protects against user-derived and device-based threats such as poor credential hygiene, dark web vulnerabilities, and potentially risky devices. It is invisible and frictionless to users, deploys in mere minutes, and has immediate time-to-value.

“Today’s web applications are more or less at the mercy of user devices and security habits,” said Paul Storm, Cymatic co-founder and president. “Unfortunately, the majority of today’s breaches are a result of such user-driven behavior, primarily regarding poor password and credential practices; attackers weaponize these behaviors to infiltrate a company and steal sensitive financial and customer data. Cymatic can instantly identify human users and the threats their devices carry while proactively blocking automated attacks, which helps customers like Concierge Health protect their web applications and stop threats from turning into data breaches.”

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About Cymatic

Cymatic offers the only all-in-one web application security platform that deploys at the client rather than the network for improved efficacy and ease and speed of deployment. Cymatic’s first-look, first-strike capability is earliest in the kill chain, reducing risk across applications, networks, and users while decreasing network traffic loads. The solution is invisible and frictionless to users and deploys in minutes. Organizations that have web applications rely on Cymatic for real-time visibility and control to protect their web properties from OWASP top 10 threats, including credential-, user-, and device-based threats. Cymatic is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with offices in California and New York. Learn more at and follow Cymatic on Twitter and LinkedIn.