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Consumer Robotics Company Lora DiCarlo Arrives at CES 2020 as the Catalyst for Inclusion of Female Sex Tech by Adding Two New Innovation Award–winning Products to the Ośe Family

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, CES 2019’s most talked-about wellness and sex tech company,
is triumphantly arriving at the show and debuting the newest entries in
its award-winning Osé family of bio-mimetic pleasure devices. Baci and
Onda, the latest innovations from Lora DiCarlo, are being unveiled at
CES 2020, and each have been bestowed with a highly coveted CES Honoree
Innovation Award. This marks a major shift from the company’s banishment
from CES 2019, in which the Consumer Technology Association rescinded
(and later reinstated) an Innovation Award for Osé due to the category
of the product. Lora DiCarlo, known for its cutting-edge engineering, is
now among the most recognized companies in the history of the CES
Innovation Awards in the Robotics and Drones category. Pre-sales for Osé
began in late November 2019 and generated $3 million in 2019, with more
than $1 million in pre-sales within just five hours of launch and $1.5m
in the first 36 hours of launch.

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Baci and Onda are being unveiled at CES 2020 as the latest entries in Lora DiCarlo's award-winning O ...

Baci and Onda are being unveiled at CES 2020 as the latest entries in Lora DiCarlo’s award-winning Osé family of microrobotic pleasure devices. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Following last year’s incident having the Innovation Award rescinded
and reinstated for Osé, we became change agents, initiating a critical
public conversation about gender equity and creating a safer and more
inclusive environment for all CES attendees,” stated Lora Haddock
DiCarlo, the company’s CEO and founder. “After learning more about our
products and our mission, people have come to realize that sexual
wellness is an important part of overall well-being. This year, we are
at CES to continue to reshape how people think about sex tech. It’s not
about the technology. It’s not about the orgasm. It’s about how
tech-enhanced experiences can lead to a greater sense of wellness,
including improved sleep, reduced stress, and better mood.”

The Osé family of innovative devices were designed by a team of
primarily female-identified engineers to fill a demand in the
marketplace for products that give women and LGBTQ+ people ownership of
their pleasure. Debuting at CES 2020, Baci is an intuitive microrobotic
pleasure device that simulates the feel and motion of the human lips and
tongue, creating gradual clitoral pleasure that helps lead to an orgasm.
Onda is the first handheld, microrobotic pleasure device to replicate
the natural “come hither” motion of human fingers to deliver an elusive
G-spot orgasm. Both Baci and Onda, along with Osé, are intended to help
people explore their sexuality and discover the relationship between
sexual wellness and overall wellness. With the reveal of Baci and Onda,
Lora DiCarlo is at CES 2020 with a full presence on the show floor and
new products to showcase, making them one step closer to their vision of
creating a world where everyone is empowered to own their pleasure.

Osé is Lora DiCarlo’s award-winning and patent-pending microrobotic,
hands-free pleasure device designed to mimic the best kinds of human
touch. Created in partnership with Oregon State University’s College of
Engineering, there are approximately 250 parts in Osé, which is higher
than the number of bones in the adult human skeleton, demonstrating the
complexity of design and innovation of the product. With a flexible body
and custom controls, Osé empowers people, for either solo or partner
exploration, to experience greater pleasure and wellness by
simultaneously stimulating the G-spot and the clitoris to create a
blended orgasm.

Product sales have shown non-gendered and female-identified people
account for approximately 46 percent of customers, while male-identified
people have accounted for approximately 54 percent of the overall
pre-sales. With a focus primarily on female and LGBTQ+ consumers, this
gender balance underscores how Osé appeals to people of all genders,
including male-identified people looking to experience the benefits of
partner exploration, helping to foster a greater sense of emotional
closeness and better understanding of partner needs. Consumers within
the United States and Canada accounted for most of Osé’s initial
purchases to date. People of all gender identities from other countries,
such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, France and Germany, also
joined in to purchase the product early.

Lora DiCarlo and its family of products will be at Sands Expo, Halls
A-D, Booth #43943.

The Osé is available to order now at
for $290.00. Baci and Onda will launch in March 2020. For more
information about Lora DiCarlo and its family of products, visit
and follow Lora DiCarlo on Instagram,
and Facebook.

About Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo is a woman-run start-up that is determined to change the
face of sex tech. Proudly sex-positive and gender-inclusive, Lora
DiCarlo’s goal is to create products and educational resources that
promote female and LGBTQ+ sexual empowerment. The company has partnered
with Oregon State University’s College of Engineering to develop a range
of products to close the orgasm gap and make blended orgasms a right
rather than a reach. For more information on Lora DiCarlo visit: