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Consumer Robotics Company Lora DiCarlo Releases Latest Innovation in the Osé Family of Pleasure Devices for Enhanced Wellness Amid Decrease in Social Contact

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Lora DiCarlo, the wellness and sex tech company behind the famed Osé, today released Onda, the latest entry in the award-winning Osé family of microrobtic and bio-mimetic pleasure devices. Promoting earth-moving orgasms and the benefits that come with it, Onda is the first handheld microrobotic pleasure device to replicate the natural “come hither” motion of human fingers to deliver a G-spot orgasm. Onda, which translates to “rolling wave” in Italian, combines superior design and innovative technology to help people explore their pleasure profile and enhance their overall wellness.

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Onda, the first handheld microrobotic pleasure device of its kind, stimulates the G-spot by mimicking the “come hither” motion of a human finger. (Photo: Business Wire)

Onda, the first handheld microrobotic pleasure device of its kind, stimulates the G-spot by mimicking the “come hither” motion of a human finger. (Photo: Business Wire)

Onda joins Osé, and the forthcoming Baci, in the Osé family of pleasure devices intended to meet the needs of diverse passions and preferences. Lora DiCarlo’s innovative products are designed to empower, build confidence and help individuals explore their pleasure profile, regardless of their experience level. With Osé facilitating blended orgasms and Onda targeting G-spot orgasms, Lora DiCarlo is also set to release its third product, Baci, for external clitoral stimulation. Baci will be available for purchase shortly after the launch of Onda.

Announced at CES this year, the Onda is a shaft-like pleasure device designed to target the intense and elusive G-spot orgasm, with orgasms generally being known to have wide ranging health benefits, including stress reduction, increased relaxation, boosted mood, and improved sleep. With the current public discussion on improving overall physical and emotional wellness during this unprecedented public health crisis, Lora DiCarlo continues to educate consumers on the benefits of maximizing pleasure in times of high anxiety and uncertainty.

“We’re experiencing an unprecedented moment in which all of us must take advantage of every avenue we have to protect and enhance our mental and physical well-being,” said Lora Haddock DiCarlo, CEO and Founder of Lora DiCarlo. “Sexual health and wellness IS health and wellness. The orgasm has never just been about sexual arousal, it plays a role in how people combat stress and can have far-reaching benefits from the boardroom to the bedroom. We are committed, now more than ever, to delivering innovative ways for consumers to get in touch with their bodies, ease their minds, and relieve the stresses of life.”

Orgasms have been proven to provide a rush of feel-good chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which can all reduce levels of cortisol, a stress inducing hormone. Additionally, these “happy” chemicals make it easier to achieve a restful night’s sleep. With increased stress and lack of quality sleep paving a fast track to lowered immunity, a pleasurable way to recharge the immune system is just one of the benefits provided by the entire Lora DiCarlo product line.

From its inception, Lora DiCarlo has continued to push for the acceptance of sexual pleasure and pleasure devices in conversations about health and wellness. The company’s recent Female Sexual Pleasure Study, conducted by Persuasium Research and with 1,753 survey participants, showed that women masturbate to relieve tension and stress at an almost similar rate they do for sexual arousal. Key findings from that study include:

  • Stress relief is one of the top reasons that people with vaginas masturbate, as cited by 60 percent of survey respondents
  • Nearly 1 out of 3 respondents (31 percent) said masturbation helps with their sense of well-being
  • Improving sleep is another key motivating factor behind masturbation according to 30 percent of respondents

Like all products in the Osé family, Onda is a tool that assists in the exploration of physiology and better understanding of the beautiful complexities of every individual’s body. Those complexities are why the company offers WellSx Coaching Sessions for its customers to receive one-on-one guidance from a WellSx Coach. This unique WellSx program offered by Lora DiCarlo underscores the company’s commitment to helping all people experience optimal health and wellness through enhanced sexual pleasure.

The 25-minute, personalized product and education session occurs online with a Coach, is valued at $45, and allows users to fully explore their sexual potential with the company’s innovative and technologically-complex products.

Onda is now available for purchase at, retailing for $180. Those seeking the holy grail of blended orgasms can also purchase Osé for $290. Consumers are welcome to learn more about blended orgasms, the orgasm gap and vaginal health through the Lora DiCarlo website’s Sexual Health Guide. For more information about Lora DiCarlo and its family of products, visit or follow Lora DiCarlo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

About Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo is a woman-run start-up that is determined to change the face of sex tech. Proudly sex-positive and gender-inclusive, Lora DiCarlo’s goal is to create products and educational resources that promote female and LGBTQ+ sexual empowerment. The company has partnered with Oregon State University’s College of Engineering to develop a range of products to close the orgasm gap and make blended orgasms a right rather than a reach. For more information on Lora DiCarlo visit: