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Convoy Launches ‘Convoy Connect,’ a Free Transportation Management System That Gives Shippers Immediate Access to Nationwide Capacity and Reduces Time to Tender by Half

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Convoy, a nationwide digital freight network, today launched Convoy Connect, a free Transportation Management System (TMS) that comes pre-configured with access to Convoy’s network of high-quality carriers. Convoy Connect allows shippers to manage all of their existing carriers, but unlike other alternatives, Connect also gives shippers instant access to Convoy’s capacity with guaranteed, real-time pricing. Customers such as Encore Glass, a North American wine bottle distributor, are using Convoy Connect today and seeing a 50% reduction in the time required to secure and manage their freight.

Today, many logistics teams rely on spreadsheets and emails to manage transportation, where routine processes like creating daily shipments can take hours of coordination. When shippers need to find coverage, it can turn into a whole afternoon of emailing and calling carriers to collect and compare bids one by one. This fragmented process also makes tracking and managing shipments all the more challenging as each shipment’s status lives across a variety of spreadsheets, email threads, and notes from phone calls.

With Convoy Connect, it takes five minutes for shippers to get started tendering and managing their shipments. It’s easy to import lanes, carriers, and rates so that tendering freight becomes a two-click process that takes seconds, not hours. For spot needs, Convoy Connect automatically emails carriers to collect bids and also provides an upfront, instantly bookable rate from Convoy’s network for immediate, guaranteed coverage. Shippers can view the latest status of all their shipments on a single screen, making it easy to see where appointments need to be scheduled, when carriers have fallen off, or if coverage is still required.

For customers with large carrier networks, Convoy partners with enterprise-class TMS systems through Convoy Now, an open API to access Convoy’s network with real-time pricing and capacity for live and drop loads.

“Prior to Convoy Connect, we were sending out emails every five minutes to try and move our daily loads. Each load was taking us between three and ten minutes to set up and we just don’t have that much time. Being able to put information into Convoy Connect and let them do the legwork on the backend allows us to switch gears and focus on other things that are pain points,” said Phil Russell of Encore Glass. “With Connect I was able to reduce tendering time by half.”

“Our customers have continuously asked us to expand the Convoy experience to their entire carrier network. They want help moving away from spreadsheets and emails as their primary way of managing freight, while also getting the ease and efficiency of Convoy’s instant booking,” said Ziad Ismail, Chief Product Officer at Convoy. “Convoy Connect provides customers a single, free tool to manage and book all their freight, across all their carries, including immediate access to Convoy’s high-quality network.”

The only free TMS with Convoy’s network pre-configured

With Convoy Connect, shippers have total control over their routing guides. They decide which carriers they want to work with on each lane and manage rates and partners directly in the system. Convoy Connect also comes pre-configured with Convoy’s carrier network, powering the nation’s most demanding shippers, including Unilever and Anheuser-Busch, through 24/7 GPS visibility and industry-leading service levels. Shippers can have confidence that the instant pricing provided by Convoy is always upfront, without influence from other carrier bids.

It only takes 5 minutes for shippers to tender their first shipment through Convoy Connect. Interested shippers can learn more or get started by going to connect.

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