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Copyright Clearance Center to Host Virtual Town Hall “Solve for Success: The Transformative Power of Data Visualization”

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Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a leader in advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge, and powering innovation, will present a virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, 31 March at 11:00 EDT/16:00 BST, “Solve for Success: The Transformative Power of Data Visualization.”

Data industry experts participating in the virtual Town Hall include:

More than ever before, organizations are putting the power of data to work by making investments in knowledge engineering, identifying new opportunities for data partnerships, and leveraging new tools for visual data analysis.

Knowledge graphs have emerged as a graphical means of expressing the complex, interconnected relationships that result from processing large volumes of data from multiple sources. Knowledge graphs form a single component in a larger trend of linked data and enhanced data visualizations – tools and components deployed with the aim of getting the most out of reported research results.

“The last 12 months have provided more than their share of disruption, and information industry leaders have risen to the occasion by introducing powerful new tools and services,” said Tulloch. “Allocating resources to improve data strategies and infrastructure will serve organizations well now and prepare them for future disruption.”

CCC supports collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders to provide the best possible solutions to our customers’ information management needs. The company encourages engagement across boundaries through an ongoing series of virtual roundtables, webcasts, panel events, podcasts, and blog posts.


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