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Coronavirus Scare Is Likely to Boost Telehealth and Physician Journey Analysis Adoption Among Home Health Care Service Providers, Says Quantzig

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems released an article today that sheds light on why the adoption of telemedicine and physician journey analysis is set to witness widespread adoption by home healthcare service providers amidst the Coronavirus scare.

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Physician Journey Analysis: How does it help home health care service providers? (Graphic: Business Wire)

Physician Journey Analysis: How does it help home health care service providers? (Graphic: Business Wire)

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With COVID-19 doing the rounds, players in the healthcare sector are witnessing a watershed moment and are on the constant outlook for new formulations that can tackle the current situation. Though there is no certain cure at the moment, businesses in the healthcare sector have begun exploring new ways of patient care by offering telehealth services. Fortunately, the health care industry is in the midst of a megatrend in which growth in electronic medical records (EMRs) and administrative health claims systems — together with advances in physician journey analysis and data integration methods have created data assets that are becoming the go-to source for answering questions of health care utilization as all stakeholders strive to achieve better outcomes. With physician journey analysis opening new doors for businesses looking to map the physicians’ journey- right from addressing the institutional challenges to integrating data-driven insights into the decision-making approach, Quantzig’s analytics experts suggest why its adoption is set to transform the healthcare landscape.

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Quantzig’s comprehensive suite of Physician Journey Analysis solutions provides an edge by empowering home healthcare service providers with advanced analytics-based insights to:

  1. Conduct a Market Analysis of Product Offerings

    With the rise in competition and availability of new and advanced healthcare services, companies are looking to equip themselves with advanced analytics solutions to sustain a leading edge. By helping healthcare organizations leverage physician journey analysis we at Quantzig have helped our clients observe the healthcare market segment from close quarters to define and analyze factors affecting growth. A detailed review of the market conditions has also helped companies gain in-depth insights into the operational verticals, product offerings, and geographical footprints of industry peers. Request a FREE proof of concept to learn more about our physician journey analysis capabilities.

  2. Assess Diagnostic and Treatment Behaviors

    To stay competitive in the highly regulated healthcare industry is now a concern that haunts players globally. Drawing on our deep subject matter expertise and physician journey analysis capabilities, we help home healthcare service providers to deploy a multi-step approach that revolves around analyzing patient data to produce a visual representation of the treatment pathways and patient behavior at a deeper level. Gain limited-time complimentary access to our analytics platform and learn how we can help you integrate physician data to improve treatment outcomes.

  3. Evaluate the Efficacy of Drug Discovery Processes

    As home healthcare service providers face increasing pressure to stay profitable, the need to enhance drug discovery and its associated processes have gained prominence. The approach adopted by businesses regarding this must be robust and scalable to include the factors impacting market conditions. Through drug efficacy evaluation that is a part of our physician journey analysis portfolio, we offer the basic analytics framework for making precise decisions about a new drug’s role in therapy. Our analysts can help you find the right use case for physician journey analysis, Request a FREE proposal to find out.

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