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CORRECTING and REPLACING AmeriVet Veterinary Partners Continues to Grow, Invest in Future Veterinarians

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Please replace the release with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

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AmeriVet Veterinary Partners (“AmeriVet”), with the unique business model of acquiring veterinary practices through a joint venture partnership, was instrumental in pivoting operations for their 67 veterinary partners across the country at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March of this year. Knowing that safety and security would be top-of-mind as the pandemic spread, AmeriVet worked quickly to implement new programs and protocols in order to keep their partner owners’ doors open and pets cared for.

“Our mission is to build a network of veterinary practices and support their individual success so they can focus on what really matters, pets. That mission has only strengthened as we’ve battled through the COVID-19 crisis,” explained AmeriVet CEO Tom Thill.

Quick action and the innovative use of technology enabled AmeriVet to implement new policies like curbside drop off and telemedicine appointments, allowing their patients to order medicine, food and supplies for their pets directly from their veterinarian, from the safety of their home.

“Our ability to pivot the business models of our partner owners while navigating a turbulent business climate and global pandemic has strengthened our position as collaborative business development specialists,” said Thill. “In addition to maintaining our current workforce, we have been able to grow the business by acquiring 6 new veterinary practices and hiring 31 additional veterinarians.”

In addition to taking care of pets and current veterinarians, AmeriVet remains dedicated to caring for future veterinarians through their continuing education program. AmeriVet worked remotely with the veterinary schools at Ohio State University, Kansas State University, University of Florida and Texas A&M to offer a variety of webinars and panel discussions for class credit, to help prepare the next generation of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. In the past few months, AmeriVet has conducted outreach to over 400 veterinary students, extending job offers to 12 new graduates.

Since March 2020, AmeriVet has added 11 new corporate positions to their San Antonio office. The necessity to grow the company’s operational strategy also drove them to create a structured integrations process, marketing platform, financial support, HR benefits and recruiting plan that is being executed across the 26 states that AmeriVet veterinary partners serve. Today, AmeriVet employs approximately 1,400 employees across the United States, and is still hiring for a variety of part-time and full-time positions.

AmeriVet’s unique business model of acquiring veterinary practices through a joint venture partnership allows veterinarians to retain a stake in their business, maintain control of day-to-day operations and still participate in the upside when they ultimately exit the business, while simultaneously benefiting from the ability to leverage operational and industry best practices as part of a larger team of veterinarians.

Most partner owners have experienced record-earning months and are gaining new patients. As we spend more and more time with our beloved pets, owners are becoming more in tune with their pets’ health and wellness. Many of the innovative changes AmeriVet has enacted for their partners are sure to become mainstays as society is forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. What won’t change, however, is AmeriVet’s dedication to putting pets first.

For more information on AmeriVet, including a list of open positions, visit To learn more about the opportunity to partner with the company, please contact them at or (855) 621-2500.