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CORRECTING and REPLACING Smartphone Form Factors: Strategy Analytics Compares Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR

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Motorola RAZR versus Galaxy Z Flip (Photo: Business Wire)

Motorola RAZR versus Galaxy Z Flip (Photo: Business Wire)

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Clamshell Devices Still Need to Come Down in Price for Widespread Adoption

As the trend for new form-factors in smartphones continues, a new report from the User Experience Strategies Service (UXS) at Strategy Analytics has compared the Motorola RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Evaluating potential use cases, impact on the smartphone market and implications for other foldable and flexible displays, the main benefit of foldable form factors is apparent when they are NOT in use. The clamshell form factor folds smaller for storage than any other smartphone.

Key report findings include:

  • The Motorola RAZR provides exterior display functionality through a touchscreen which allows users to interact with notifications and archive emails, in addition to other basic functions without needing to open the device.
  • The longer displays of both the Z Flip and the RAZR provide a slightly enhanced multitasking experience over smaller devices, while their smaller width provides for relatively easy access to the top window.
  • The 21:9 aspect ratio on each device provides a better overall experience for cinematic viewing, but does not enhance viewing short form video. This results in a less than optimal experience for media more commonly watched on smartphones.

Chris Schreiner, Director, Syndicated Research and report author commented, “Comparing the two clamshell devices, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip provides a superior experience overall. This device has a significantly better camera experience, a larger interior display due to design and better specifications for interior display resolution, camera, battery, and processor. But front display functionality is a significant feature that is lacking and one area where the Motorola RAZR surpasses the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.”

Added Kevin Nolan, VP, UXIP, “Nevertheless, preference regarding foldable display form-factors is a matter of which shortcomings are less bothersome to individual users. Strategy Analytics has found previously that there is a strong desire for foldable phones which only strengthens after using one. But this desire does not always equate to willingness to pay. The initial price point for these clamshell devices are well below that of book-style foldables, but still higher than traditional flagship devices. They will still need to come down in price for widespread adoption.”


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