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CORRECTING and REPLACING Tallo, FAME Inc. Partner & Cohost of Statewide STEM Signing Day, Gains One Million Users

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Over one million students and professionals are now using the Tallo platform to get an early foot in the door at various colleges and companies

Only a few short weeks after Delaware’s Virtual STEM Signing Day, Tallo, the FAME Inc. partner and digital platform that cohosted the event, has reached a new milestone. The Tallo platform now provides one million users with a place to start learning about and preparing for their future career.

“It’s exciting to know that Tallo is helping more than one million talented individuals earn scholarships, find the right postsecondary program, and launch successful careers” said Casey Welch, Tallo CEO and Co-founder. “When you create the right type of virtual ecosystem for talent and talent seekers to find each other, the possibilities are endless.”

Tallo helps foster meaningful dialogue between high school students, college students, jobseekers, corporate partners, post-secondary institutions, and organizations by serving as a networking platform that uniquely caters to the skills and expertise that talent (age 13+) have to showcase. Users build online portfolios and profiles to showcase their test scores, classes, certificates, experience and extracurriculars, and their future career and education interests.

“We created Tallo to give all individuals a way to showcase their talents in a way that’s similar to how student athletes create highlight reels,” explained Welch. “Everyone deserves to have a place to display and leverage their strengths, and ultimately pursue their dreams.”

Tallo users can communicate with recruiters at companies and colleges to learn more about their programs, mission, available positions, and the kind of training they require. Similarly, companies and colleges can reach out to talent users who look like a good fit for their organization, offering relevant advice in the hopes of building a future talent pipeline.

Since 2012, Tallo has gained users in all 50 states, representing over 27,000 high schools and 4,000 colleges, and has made over 180,000 connections for their talent users. Tallo partners with colleges, companies, and organizations around the country and the state of Delaware, including Wilmington University and Delmarva Power. Thanks in a large part to the partnership with FAME Inc., usage in the state of Delaware has increased by 155% and the ecosystem throughout the state and the surrounding Pennsylvania and Maryland is anticipated to scale to over 40,000 Tallo users.

“Reaching one million users on the Tallo platform is an important win for our community,” said Don Baker, President and CEO of FAME, Inc. “We have a responsibility to connect our talented and diverse young people with workforce programs, colleges, and employers, and Tallo is the go to virtual tool for making this happen with a laser focus on equity and empowerment for all.”

Over the past year, Tallo has been cited by a report commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Business Insider, and the Office of the White House as a pioneer in the career navigation process, unlocking real career avenues for determined students ready to enter the workforce.

“I want to be an environmental lawyer, and that’s why I use Tallo,” explained Kirit Minhas, a recent graduate from Tower Hill high school and 2020 Delaware STEM Signing Day honoree. “Tallo gives me the confidence and resources to connect with the opportunities of my dreams.”

About FAME Inc.

Established in 1976, FAME, Inc. is one of the nation’s oldest non-profit STEM education organizations with a mission to, “Prepare and motivate students in grades K-12, with a specific focus on girls and underrepresented minorities, to complete a college degree and/or seek a career in STEM or other STEM related pathways;” and a vision to Inspire Career Confidence. Over the past 43 years, FAME, Inc. has served thousands of students, challenging youth to form skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. To learn more about FAME, Inc. please visit:

About Tallo

Tallo is the first online app that assists students in designing a career pathway, educators in recruiting top talent to their schools, and employers in developing a stable, continuous talent pipeline. Through a mobile digital portfolio, students (age 13+) and professionals showcase their skills and abilities, receive personalized career guidance, match with over $20 billion in scholarships, and get directly connected with post-secondary institutions and companies looking for the next generation of talent. For more information, visit