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Cortex Joins the GitLab Technology Partner Program to Accelerate SRE Control of Microservices

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Reliability as Code pioneer Cortex, today announced it has joined the GitLab technology partner program. This strategic relationship allows users to import GitLab services into Cortex to view service information alongside other integrations and set standards for development maturity using repository details.

The Cortex platform features an automatic onboarding workflow that scans all potential microservices sources, discovers the microservices, maps metadata to them and infers critical information such as ownership and on-call rotations. The platform then generates a dashboard illustrating relevant metrics for each of more than 30 third-party tools, including GitLab, Datadog, Sonarqube, Snyk and PagerDuty. These integrations let engineers quickly access on-call rotations, latency dashboards, open vulnerabilities and more in one searchable dashboard. Each integration includes individual rules that enable users to drill down into specific metrics to grade the quality of their services via customizable “scorecards.” This enables development of production readiness checklists, security audits and evaluations of operation and development maturity.

“GitLab is excited to build a strategic relationship with Cortex,” said Nima Badiey, vice president of Alliances at GitLab. “Cortex’s expertise across managing service architectures makes them a great fit for the GitLab Partner Program and enables us to jointly provide our customers with the right people, processes and platforms to enable them on their digital transformations.”

Key capabilities of the platform include:

  • Microservices Quality Scorecards keep teams accountable for following best SRE/security/infra best practices by ‘gamifying’ service quality. Scorecards stack-rank services based on detailed performance metrics which motivates service owners to improve either performance, or decommission unused or unmanaged services.
  • Cortex Query Language (CQL), a domain-specific language, lets users write granular rules about health of deploys, SLOs, on-call rotations, security vulnerabilities, package versions and more, such as, “if the service is a production service, then there must be an on-call rotation and greater than 85% test coverage.” This enables engineering and SRE leaders to track and enforce service quality across the entire engineering organization. Engineers can set reliability standards across teams and types of services through direct integrations with a variety of tools.
  • Initiatives help drive progress towards meeting service metrics over a specified time period, letting users set goals and deadlines in a scorecard, making service quality a moving target for the team. Cortex messages service owners over Slack or email with their action items, which engineers can also see when they login to the Cortex dashboard. Initiatives align the team towards a common goal within a scorecard and help accelerate progress as a result.

“We’re excited to Integrate with GitLab and help reduce service complexity for their users,” Anish Dhar, CEO, Cortex. “Cortex enables GitLab users to start tracking quality across their microservices and build a single pane of glass for their architecture.”

About Cortex

Cortex is the leading Reliability as Code platform, designed to give engineers and SREs comprehensive microservices visibility and control. Cortex provides a single-pane-of-glass for visualization of service ownership, documentation and performance history, replacing “tribal knowledge” and spreadsheets. This gives engineering and SRE teams the visibility and control they need over their services, even as teams shift, people move, platforms change and microservices continue to grow. Cortex is a YCombinator Company backed by Sequoia Capital. For more information, visit or see us on Twitter at @GetCortexApp.