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Cost Recovery Analytics | Quantzig’s Holistic Approach to Driving Performance Amidst the Ongoing Crisis

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Quantzig, a premier data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems today announced the launch of its ‘Cost Recovery Analytics – Centre of Excellence’ to help businesses ensure continuity and uncover payment discrepancies at challenging times like these.

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According to Quantzig’s advanced data analytics experts, “Our cost recovery analytics solutions empower businesses to monitor expenditures and predict potential budget overruns by conducting a detailed analysis of unstructured business data.”

Quantzig can help your organization make the right move towards driving business performance with a distinctive value proposition. Request a FREE proposal to gain comprehensive insights.

Business leaders and CIOs today are in a unique position to help their organizations re-imagine business operations and future workflows. At challenging times like these, businesses must be resilient and take the necessary steps to ensure business continuity. Today we are at an inflection point where the analytics capabilities of an organization contribute significantly to decisions around enterprise-wide transformations. However, one must not forget that transactions form the core of every business risk, including revenue leakages and cost recovery. By analyzing your business data using the right analytics solutions we work towards helping you gain comprehensive insights into each of the transactional risk factors.

Our cost recovery analytics solutions are designed to help businesses monitor, analyze, and predict budget overrun scenarios using data. Potential errors can also be identified by leveraging advanced analytics techniques that analyze contract and invoice data sets.

Cost recovery analytics can also identify potential overcharges from work that was performed in the past and provide insight into how you can improve your accounts payable processes to avoid overpaying in the future. Talk to our analytics experts for comprehensive insights.

How Cost Recovery Analytics Can Help Your Organization?

1. Identify revenue recovery opportunities

2. Identify and predict cost overruns

3. Negotiate clearer, more effective contracts in the future

Leading establishments are unaware of the extent of their annual losses from overpaying supplier invoices, or from incorrectly computing deductions and allowances. Though others are aware of the problem, they are uncertain about how to take corrective action in a timely manner.

As data-driven decision making becomes crucial to thriving in the new normal, businesses of all sizes will have to adopt strategies, processes, and tools that enable their teams to use data to uncover and potentially recover money that could have been lost. Request a FREE demo to learn more about cost recovery analytics solutions.

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