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Cougnaud Group Picks Fieldwire to Digitize Over 900 Projects in Less Than 24 Months

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Fieldwire, a leading field management solution for the construction industry, announced today that The Cougnaud Group has chosen Fieldwire to foster communication and collaboration on 100 percent of its projects across France.

Fieldwire allows Cougnaud to centralize documents, photos, and files on a single connected solution. The platform also allows users to communicate in real-time on projects and have access to the same level of information.

Didier Girodeau, the CTO at Cougnaud, sees Fieldwire as being vital for maintaining communication on hundreds of Cougnaud’s fast paced modular projects.

“Not only has communication improved, but the quality of exchange has increased. The information is more understandable.”

Fieldwire’s document control and plan management was also a huge win for Cougnaud, according to the company’s Director of Operations, Mickael Martin.

“If a site manager needs a plan, it is directly accessible on the platform. Being able to share plans and photos in real-time not only speeds up processes but improves our communication, transparency, and visibility.”

Furthermore, Fieldwire enables all teams to stay on the same page instantaneously across every single project. Martin says this is a huge time saver for a company like Cougnaud, where the traditional unit of time on a jobsite is days versus the industry standard of weeks.

“We could no longer wait for site managers to get back to the office and update plans.” Adding that now, with Fieldwire, “if a site manager needs a plan, it is directly accessible on the platform.”

Cougnaud launched Fieldwire in February 2018, with the successful implementation of Fieldwire across its construction and services divisions being achieved in less than 24 months. Now, the modular construction company will start to deploy Fieldwire across its prefabrication plants — to further streamline communication between its factories and jobsites. They have also started to leverage Fieldwire’s open API to extract important project data that may help Cougnaud operate more effectively in the future.

About The Cougnaud Group

The Cougnaud Group is a family company and the French leader in industrialized modular construction. Located in the Vendée region of western France, this 45 year old company has 1,500 employees. Cougnaud Construction delivers between 300 and 400 projects per year and these projects range from 5m2 to 5000m2.

About Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a field management platform for construction with a focus on jobsite coordination. With its easy-to-use mobile application, Fieldwire connects the project team — from subcontractors’ foremen to the general contractor’s project manager — enabling efficient and real-time information sharing. Used on over 750,000 projects worldwide, Fieldwire has saved customers millions of dollars by powering clear and efficient communication between the field and office staff. For more information please visit