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Coupang Launches Global Retail Partner Program

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Coupang, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing ecommerce companies, today announced a global partner program that will enable brands to immediately access a market that ranks the fifth largest in online retail sales. The Korean ecommerce segment is on pace to be the world’s third largest, with $119 billion in annual sales by 2021, behind only China and the U.S. Ecommerce in Korea is on pace to grow by 18% this year, and Coupang is growing more than three times as fast.

Coupang is the leading Korean retailer of U.S.-based brands, including Downy, Lego, Earth Mama, Jarrow, Nature’s Way, California Baby, Carters and Gap. It has proven to be an effective on-ramp for international companies that want to launch in Korea. Based on Coupang’s success with international sales and market demand for U.S. products, Coupang has strategically established teams and warehouses in the U.S., making sales and distribution of goods in Korea easy. This includes giving brands direct access to top-notch advertising services to market and grow their brands in Korea. Coupang also allows brands to store their goods in Coupang’s California warehouse where Coupang will ship the products directly to the customer in Korea with delivery in three days.

By partnering with Coupang, brands are instantly introduced to a massive audience of engaged, repeat Customers as millions of consumers purchase from Coupang more than 75 times a year. Retail partners also leverage Korea’s largest privately-owned delivery fleet and most sophisticated logistics network with Coupang, as well as the industry’s best Customer service.

Coupang consistently delivers 2 million shipments per day as Korea’s largest online retailer. It has more than twice the number of monthly active users as its competitors and remains the only ecommerce platform to provide dawn and same-day services at a national scale. Today, 99.3% of Coupang’s orders are delivered within one day, often within only a few hours, and a staggering one third of its orders are delivered via Dawn Delivery or Same-Day Delivery, 365 days a year.

“Entering a new international market can be incredibly complicated. Not only do brands have to contend with different regulations, taxes and logistics issues, but they also must ensure that the entire brand experience exceeds Customer expectations,” said Jonathan Burks, Senior Director of Global Ecommerce of Coupang. “Coupang has removed all of these hurdles and more. Because Coupang was built as an end-to-end ecommerce platform, there are no outside dependencies. Our technology and innovations make each stage of the sales process seamless, and our obsession with Customer service is legendary. If any brand is looking to enter the Korean market, Coupang provides the best path.”

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About Coupang

Coupang is one of the largest and fastest-growing consumer internet companies in the world. Its innovative technologies and novel approach to mobile commerce and customer service have set a new standard for e-commerce in Korea and beyond. Powered by its proprietary technology infrastructure, Coupang offers the largest end-to-end fulfillment operation in Korea and one of the most revolutionary last-mile delivery services in the world. Founded in 2010, Coupang is a global company with offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley.