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COVID-19 Nationwide Symptom Tracking Solution Released by Data Point of Care

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Data Point of Care releases COVID-19 Nationwide Symptom Tracking Solution. Consumers access the tracking solution from Get Your Health Record and complete the COVID-19 Health Screening and Social Determinants of Health questionnaire. Healthcare providers access the consumer responses using Patient Lookup.

50-plus million Medicare beneficiaries, as Get Your Health Record is approved by Medicare, get an added benefit to retrieve their 4-year health history and share with their healthcare providers and family members. We urge consumers and healthcare providers to view the videos for Medicare here and non-Medicare here. Account setup, screening and health history form completion and the added benefit for Medicare beneficiaries of retrieving their 4-year health history is free.

In early March, Data Point of Care released a COVID-19 high risk analysis of 5-plus million Medicare beneficiaries to their Accountable Care Organization (ACO) clients. The analysis provided metrics for underlying conditions, medications, travel and risk stratification. The release of the online symptom and social determinants tracking is the next phase to assist healthcare providers in combating COVID-19.

“Patients with underlying conditions are at the highest risk. Keeping people healthy and adhering to their medications is critical. Tracking symptoms is also crucial, so we can start managing these patients using virtual care before they show up at our healthcare provider doors at the hospitals, clinics and emergency departments.” Kris Gates, CEO, Data Point of Care

Hospitals, clinics and care management teams should contact David Weideman to coordinate the online screenings and high-risk analysis for their communities. Several certified electronic health record (EHR) companies are collaborating with Data Point of Care to deliver this critical data in the EHR at the point of care.

Data Point of Care COVID-19 Response Page

Step-by-Step Online COVID-19 Screenings – COVID-19 Response

Action Task 1: Access the COVID-19 High Risk Analysis

This analysis will assist your care management teams in tiering the highest at-risk for underlying conditions to start outreach for medication adherence, social determinants and management of underlying conditions. This report also tracks travel in last 120 days.

Action Task 2: Distribute COVID-19 and social determinants online health screening questionnaires to consumers. These questionnaires collect symptom, medication adherence, access to medication refills and social determinants data from households. This data can then be used in consumer phone outreach and trending.

Action Task 3: Staff outreach to consumers based on screening responses Setup virtual staffing to respond to screenings by phone to consumers.

Why is this important?

The “why” is mass screening which allows care teams to target those with no medication refills, access to food and those with symptoms using virtual care such as phone call to screen them before they make a trip to a clinic or emergency department.

Medicare reimbursement for virtual care:

  • Chronic Care Management (CCM) $40 per patient per month
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) $100 per patient per month
  • Telehealth Toolkit
  • Virtual Check-in $14 per encounter
  • E-Visit $15 to $50 per encounter
  • Remote evaluation of image $12 per encounter

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