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CPI Card Group® Brings Second WaveTM Cards to New Industry Sectors Including Transit, Hospitality and More

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CPI Card Group Inc. (Nasdaq: PMTS, TSX: PMTS) (“CPI”), a payment technology company and leading provider of credit, debit and prepaid solutions, today announced the introduction of Second Wave cards for markets including transit, hospitality, entertainment and more. The expansion of Second Wave into new use-cases and markets empowers companies across various card industry segments to incorporate more environmentally-friendly solutions into their products – and offer a product that resonates with environmentally-conscious cardholders.

First launched in September 2019, Second Wave payment cards feature a core made with recovered ocean-bound plastic. Aimed at reducing first-use plastic and diverting plastic waste from entering the ocean, Second Wave now includes cards for access applications such as travel, ticketing, lodging, entertainment and more. Using an embedded chip that enables radio-frequency identification (RFID) contactless functionality, Second Wave offers a seamless cardholder experience while aligning with broader consumer values and desires to support the environment.

“Cards are a staple in a multitude of sectors, from transportation and travel to hospitality and entertainment. Through Second Wave, we’re providing businesses across these industries with a more eco-friendly alternative to cards made with first-use plastic,” said Jack Jania, VP of Product Management and Innovation, CPI Card Group. “We’re proud to be a leader in developing card options that help our clients provide unique choices and support their customers’ eco-friendly interests.”

CPI’s Second Wave access cards can support the majority of chip technologies and applications currently in the market, empowering companies across multiple segments of the card industry with a simple and effective way to participate in protecting the environment. CPI estimates that for every one million Second Wave cards produced, over one ton of plastic will be diverted from entering the world’s oceans, waterways and shorelines. In “Payment Industry Introduces Recovered Ocean-Bound Plastic Card,” a white paper recently published by CPI, the company highlights just how incorporating recovered ocean-bound plastic into card products can combat the issue of plastic waste in oceans while supporting organizational goals to be more environmentally conscious.

To learn more about Second Wave, visit CPI Card Group’s website here.

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