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Crunch Digital Launches TEMPO – A Multi-Dimensional Music Curation and Clearance Platform

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Today Crunch Digital, a music metadata management, reporting, and licensing service that bridges music rights owners with content users, is announcing the launch of TEMPO™.

Tempo is Crunch Digital’s patent pending revolutionary sound recording curation and song publisher clearance tool platform.

Keith Bernstein, Founder of Crunch Digital stated, “with Tempo you can create a list of tracks that you would like to use for your music service, fitness classes, mobile App, or your video… and you can validate using the platform whether those tracks are available for use under existing licenses with record labels, music publishers, and performance societies.”

The Tempo platform provides a comprehensive resource for users to be able to validate track lists for clearance, easily import a cleared playlist to selected music services, curate a playlist that includes only licensed tracks, and submit a track list and identify labels and publishers for license requests.

“Tempo is a multi-dimensional online tool that enables a company to easily curate music and find out in real time whether tracks that we want to use for our classes are available for use under the music licensing agreements that we have,” stated Jeff Morin, CEO of Liteboxer, a tech-enabled at-home fitness platform that merges high-intensity workouts with beat-driven tracks. “We respect music copyrights and we want to only use content that is available to us. Tempo acts like a trusted gatekeeper to help companies avoid using content that was not licensed.”

Bernstein added, “with Tempo, the marketplace now has a first of its kind platform that addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by companies: those who have licensed music often do not know whether a track or a song is actually available to them under their existing licenses and those who have an idea of the tracks they want to use, but they have no idea who to license those tracks from.”

Tempo is very easy to use. Once an account is created with Tempo, a Crunch account administrator will set up a profile for that account to reflect each existing record label and music publisher license for that account. When a user logs on to Tempo, they can upload track lists, add a playlist from a music service, search for tracks…. and the system will identify the tracks that are available for a user to use under their existing music deals. Tempo also allows users to curate a list of tracks available under their existing music deals based on genre, decade, beats per minute, and duration.

Interested companies can schedule a demonstration of Tempo at

About Crunch Digital

Crunch Digital is an independent technology firm based in Los Angeles, California with a long pedigree in the media & entertainment industry. Crunch Digital’s mission is to eliminate the barriers of music licensing and payments, ultimately fueling better revenue flow and reducing operating costs through streamlined workflows. We offer a full suite of solutions and services to provide a simple, affordable, compliant and reliable way to manage the use of licensed content, secure licenses, and report the use of music content. We support content owners – including record labels and music publishers – by managing the flow of data to and from digital services. We also manage data flow for content licensees – digital service providers, fitness companies, game companies, app developers and mobile carriers – including royalty reporting and payments.