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CSG Journey Orchestration Solution Powers a Customer-centric Experience in Today’s Digital World

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During every interaction with a customer, there are significant moments
that have the power to change the way that customer feels about a
company for life. Today’s customer journey is defined by the points at
which customers interact with a company, the company’s ability to
identify the points where it can improve, and its ability to own the
“moments that matter.” All are pivotal instances in a customer’s journey
with a business.

Customer experience (CX) and engagement is critical to sustained growth
and revenue generation. In fact, 75 percent of consumers are likely to
purchase from a company that knows their name and buying history; and
recommends products and services based on their personal preferences1.

In order to deliver a powerful and successful customer experience, a
company needs to understand, in real-time, who its customers are, what
they need, and how it can reframe its thinking to meet demand and create
customers for life.

Today, CSG introduces Journey
, a solution that enables companies to fully coordinate
customer interactions, across all channels, to deliver a true
omni-channel, customer-centric experience. Leveraging CSG Journey
Orchestration, companies can reach across organizational silos, complex
legacy vendor systems, data silos, and multiple channels to deliver on
that vision.

Journey Orchestration
provides clients with a centralized,
personalized, real-time decision-making solution, enabling contextually
relevant engagement with their customers across print, email, SMS, web,
mobile, voice, chat and other emerging channels. Exposing this
functionality through a self-service user-interface (UI) enables clients
to easily refine each journey, including running multi-variant tests to
optimize each journey. The solution is designed to integrate into
existing systems and allow for mass adoption of users across the
company, giving them the ability to execute journeys and facilitate
complex decision-making.

“Today, more than 80 percent of companies will compete based solely on
customer experience2, making it a critical key differentiator
for our clients,” said Lonnie Mahrt, CSG senior vice president, head of
Customer Communication Management. “We are excited to share our Journey
Orchestration solution with them to help increase the speed of their
digital transformation and create a truly personalized and seamless
customer experience.”

CSG Journey Orchestration monitors multiple data sources to identify
event triggers, customer behavior, message personalization, response
attribution and decisioning criteria. As a result, the solution enables
multi-path journeys based on quantitative data, as well as observational
data which includes actual use cases of how customers use a company’s
services, as well as their personal preferences. It is designed to help
CSG customers transform their business into a digital disruptor by
modernizing core capabilities, delivering differentiated offerings, and
innovative customer experiences.

CSG Journey Orchestration is part of the company’s Customer
Communication Management
(CCM) portfolio, which its customers rely
on to send over 1.5 billion messages to their end-users each year across
a diverse set of traditional and digital channels including print, SMS,
email, automated voice, and web. CSG provides flexible, personalized
customer communications management solutions and an integrated approach
to help deliver a unique customer experience.

About CSG

CSG (NASDAQ: CSGS) is a provider of software and services that help
companies around the world monetize and digitally enable the customer
experience. For more than 35 years, CSG has simplified the complexity of
business, providing revenue management and digital monetization,
payments, and customer engagement solutions to help our customers tackle
any business challenge and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Operating across more than 120 countries worldwide, CSG manages billions
of critical customer interactions annually. CSG is the trusted partner
driving digital innovation for hundreds of leading global brands,
including Arrow Electronics, AT&T, Charter Communications, Comcast,
DISH, Eastlink, Formula One, iflix, MTN and Telstra.

To learn more, visit our website at
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