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Cubro and SilverEngine Announce Technology Partnership

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Cubro and SilverEngine enter into a strategic partnership, combining Cubro’s technology for robust network infrastructure with SilverEngine’s expertise in actionable insight into the databases.

The industry is buzzing about intelligence, analytics and other ways to make insight-driven decisions based on real data. Cubro Probe platform generates comprehensive data records for applications such as business analytics, service assurance, business assurance, security assurance. The Probe analyses and processes user and signalling traffic in real-time. Solutions such as this enable operators to harness the explosive growth in available data and utilise it for business intelligence applications such as analysing subscriber behaviour. Each Cubro Probe can be customised based on customer requirements.

To leverage the value of the network data extracted by the Probe, our consulting partner SilverEngine can offer expertise. SilverEngine is a consulting company around telecommunication databases, and they have a footprint in the same customer field as Cubro. And besides this DB business, they are also in Big Data analytics consulting. Using Cubro’s probe generated data together with Analytics and Machine Learning, SilverEngine can help to get actionable insights in the following main areas:

  • VoLTE – Voice over LTE
  • MBB – Mobile Broadband
  • CEM – Customer Experience Management
  • Mobility

SilverEngine team can analyse network probe data to provide actionable insights on how to improve subscribers experience and mobile network performance (VoLTE, MBB and CEM) using Analytics and Machine Learning techniques. As a result, the customer benefits by boosting performance, cutting costs, reduce churn and improving ROI.

“Cubro and SilverEngine have collaborated to provide a best-in-class unified solution for network and application networking. This partnership will also allow us to expand our market by providing customers integrated solutions that add value to their IT and network investment”, says Christian Ferenz, CEO, Cubro.

“Cubro and SilverEngine collaboration will provide customers with actionable insights from analytics and Machine Learning to protect their subscriber base and invest network infrastructure wisely”, says Niklas Gustavsson, Technical Expert, SilverEngine.

In this dynamic time of communication, mobile network operators are continually evaluating innovative solutions both to gain a competitive edge and attract new customers. The operators can make use of unified communications and big data analytics to benefit business intelligence insights, a revolutionary trend in the industry.