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Cultivate Launches TeamDynamics to Help Employees Understand and Adapt to Their Team’s Remote Work Preferences

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Today digital leadership platform Cultivate announced a new feature called TeamDynamics that measures how teams prefer to work together, and delivers feedback and assistance to people leaders and employees to better align with those preferences. TeamDynamics powers a new set of insights and tools on the Cultivate platform that are designed to build trust and understanding among teams as they face the challenge of shifting work schedules and changing collaboration norms among remote workers.

TeamDynamics works by coordinating information on how a team likes to work, including member’s preferences for focus time, what time of day they prefer meetings, whether they prefer feedback over email, phone or chat and more. Then the Cultivate platform creates a set of new team collaboration norms based on these preferences that enables managers to easily see how their team(s) operates most effectively. Cultivate’s AI then provides feedback to managers on how well their digital behavior is meeting their team’s norms, and assistance to work more effectively. For example, if the majority of a team says they prefer meetings in the morning, but their manager still schedules most meetings in the afternoons, the Cultivate platform will point this out to them.

“The 9-5 work schedule is no longer applicable for a large portion of the working population. It’s been replaced by a huge range of unique schedules depending on what works best for the team and individual in question,” said Joseph Freed, Co-Founder and CEO at Cultivate. “The question facing businesses now is how can they empower their teams to be effective in work environments that change constantly. The TeamDynamics feature will help build trust and resilience, to better equip teams to face this new dynamic and uncertain work world together.”

TeamDynamics was built to address two problems: 1) the difficulty of understanding how each team member works most effectively while remote, and 2) the lack of a one-size-fits-all management model for workers with drastically different work situations, schedules and environments. Having access to this information helps people leaders understand how to help their teams be most effective, whether that is logging on early so they can homeschool their kids in the middle of the day, or just using the communication tools they like best.

TeamDynamics is available on September 16 to all Cultivate users as part of the core platform.

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