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Customer Lifetime Value Analysis Helped a Telecom Industry Player to Reduce Customer Attrition Rates | Quantzig’s Recent Success Story

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Quantzig’s innovative customer lifetime value modeling combined with advanced analytics solutions helped a global telecom company to reduce their customer attrition rates . Schedule a FREE demo for comprehensive solution insights.

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Engagement Overview:

The global telecom industry is driven by technological innovations and developments, which helps them to offer a wide range of communication services at a very low-cost margin. Additionally, with the advent and increase in the use of the Internet service globally, the telecom sector is facing a crucial challenge which is a tremendous rise in competition.

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The Problem:

The client is a leading telecom industry player with business operations spread across the globe. The client wanted to gauge the total value of the customers by channel, source, and campaign which would help them to identify profitable customers and determine their average revenue per user. The key challenges included:

  1. Acquire new customer
  2. Improve customer retention rates
  3. Enhance customer relationship

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered:

With the help of customer lifetime value modeling offered by Quantzig, the telecom industry client was able to identify the mandatory marketing efforts to reduce customer churn rates. Quantzig’s customer lifetime value modeling solutions helped the client to:

  1. Profile potential customer
  2. Develop a marketing strategy
  3. Increase customer retention
  4. Minimize acquisition and re-marketing costs

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