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Customers Report Dramatic Operational Efficiencies from Apstra Intent-Based Networking

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At NetEvents Global IT Summit, Apstra demonstrated their Network Automation OpEx Calculator by showing a real-life example of the massive savings achieved from the deployment of Apstra Intent-Based Networking. Yahoo Japan Corporation provided figures of one week to install, configure and deploy 11 leaf switches as an example of a real project they undertook. With Apstra, it took less than 2 hours.

Apstra Intent-Based Networking for enterprises, cloud providers, and telcos increases application reliability and availability, simplifies deployments and operations through automation, and dramatically reduces OpEx and CapEx costs. Apstra enables vendor-agnostic data center lifecycle automation and is deployed by businesses around the world including Fortune 100 enterprises. These companies are taking advantage of game-changing agility, reliability and significantly lower TCO with complete flexibility to deploy the hardware and network operating system of their choice.

Apstra’s Network Automation OpEx Calculator provides detailed analysis covering all the steps in designing, building and operating a leaf-spine data center architecture. The calculator compares the operational savings in a traditional approach versus Apstra. The calculator presents a percentage savings for each stage. According to our customers, this is how the OpEx savings breakdown. Apstra customers achieve 23.94% savings for Scoping requirements, a 72.99% savings at the Design stage, 82.26% savings during Implementation and Test, and 75.00% during on-going Operations.

“What is especially significant is that the bigger the installation, the bigger the savings,” said Sean Hafeez, Director of Business Development, APAC at Apstra. “Without Intent-Based Networking, doubling the number of switches almost doubles the amount of labor for configuration and verification. But with Intent-Based Networking automation, it makes little difference whether you are dealing with 10, 100, or a thousand switches.”

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Apstra® Intent-Based Networking increases application availability and reliability, simplifies deployment and operations, and dramatically reduces costs for Enterprise, Cloud Service Provider, and Telco data centers. Apstra empowers Intent-Based Data Centers through its pioneering Intent-Based Networking, distributed system architecture, and vendor-agnostic overlay. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California and privately funded, Apstra is a Gartner Cool Vendor and Best of VMworld winner. For more information visit

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