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Cutback Coach + Ipsos Release Nationwide Survey, “The State of Drinking in The US”

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Americans may no longer be in COVID-induced lockdown, but a new study finds that the drinking habits they picked up in quarantine are here to stay. The State of Drinking In The US, a joint survey conducted by mindful drinking program Cutback Coach and global market research firm Ipsos, finds that half of Americans claimed to have made an effort to drink less over the last three months, but only 20% reported an actual reduction in alcohol intake. In fact, 1 in 4 Americans report drinking more now than they were three months ago.

The study found that, despite many cities reopening, 82% of people mostly drink at home, while one out of three say they drink mostly alone. In fact, Americans are drinking primarily to manage stress — 66% of Americans are drinking to reduce stress or unwind, while only 11% are drinking to celebrate. Most Americans are also drinking at a higher clip, both more frequently — 54% are drinking more than three times a week, and more intensely, with 48% drinking three or more drinks at a time. Binge drinking, as defined by the CDC, is three or more drinks for women, and five or more drinks for men.

“As the world of today continues to throw uncertainties our way, our results find that people are motivated to drink in an effort to curb their stress and unwind,” said Nick Allen, co-founder of Cutback Coach. “People have a desire to cut back, but have long not had the resources until now. Through our psychology backed system, we offer users the accountability, education, and support to drink mindfully.”

Cutback Coach was formed in early 2020 to provide a platform for the many Americans who want to proactively manage their alcohol health. Through their SMS-based system, the behavioral psychology-backed app focuses on conscious drinking rather than an all-or-nothing approach, personalizing a plan that caters to a person’s individual goals, habits and lifestyle.

Looking ahead, nearly half of Americans plan to reduce their alcohol intake in the months to come, with 35% of consumers identifying as sober-curious. Cutback Coach has worked with tens of thousands of members, helping them reduce their alcohol intake by 30% on average in the first 30 days, achieving tangible benefits to their overall health and wellness. To view the full report, visit

About Cutback Coach

Cutback Coach, founded by Nick Allen and Ian Andersen, is creating a new wellness category around proactive alcohol health. Focused on mindful drinking rather than an all-or-nothing approach, Cutback Coach’s behavioral psychology-backed system provides each member a personalized plan catered to their lifestyles, baseline habits and individual goals. The Cutback Coach experience is delivered via 2-way text message, providing a unique low friction approach that makes participation with the program simple and user friendly. For more information or to get started, visit