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Cuvée’s New Low-Voltage, High-Current LED Driver Delivers up to 36A for Industrial, Medical, and Entertainment Applications

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Cuvée Systems® has announced its LVHC Series of LED drivers specifically designed for low-voltage, high-current applications that are common to entertainment, industrial, and medical lighting solutions. Supporting output current up 36 Amps, the 150 Watt rated drivers offer custom pulse shape control and active thermal management to monitor LED temperature, current, and voltage.

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Cuvée’s new low-voltage, high-current LED driver (Photo: Business Wire)

Cuvée’s new low-voltage, high-current LED driver (Photo: Business Wire)

  • Standard, off-the-shelf driver replaces in-house design resources, support and custom driver development
  • With its compact size, it is designed to be embedded into larger systems

“We’ve eliminated the need to develop in-house custom drivers for low-voltage, high-current applications,” said Ray Chock, CEO of Cuvée Systems. “The LVHC Series drivers were developed and tested with a wide range of Luminus Specialty LEDs ranging from a few amps to tens of amps. We’ve integrated pulse control and LED monitoring to ensure the health and reliability of the system under these high-power conditions.”

Many of the specialty LEDs available today are designed for thousands not hundreds of milliamps. “Our specialty LEDs are deployed in a broad variety of systems including medical endoscopes, analytic instruments, industrial equipment such as machine vision, and more, each with its own unique set of precise LED driving requirements,” said Stephane Bellosguardo, VP of Product Marketing for Specialty Lighting at Luminus Devices. “In the absence of suitable off-the-shelf drivers, our customers have had to develop their own solutions. With Cuvée’s new LVHC series, they can choose a standard, full-featured, cost-effective driver to jump-start their projects and can keep their own development resources focused on their areas of expertise.”

Cuvée’s new LVHC Series drivers are available immediately without minimum order quantities. As with other Cuvée LED drivers, when used with Luminus LEDs, Cuvée offers a combined system warranty that covers both the LED and Driver.

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