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Cyber Harassment Countermeasure Proposals Will Be Accepted in Japan Starting on October 7th Gathering Ideas for Preventing Cyber Harassment and Helping Victims

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The Council for Cyber Harassment and Online Defamation (Tokyo, Japan : Chairman Megumi Maekawa), an organization that proposes solutions for individuals who are or have been victims of cyber harassment or online defamation, is openly soliciting proposals for measures to prevent personal harm on the Internet.

The submission period will be from Monday, October 7th to Thursday, October 31st.

Cyber Harassment Countermeasure Proposal Submissions

The damage caused by bullying, harassment, and defamation through electronic communications on the internet has been increasing. The Council for Cyber Harassment and Online Defamation is working on measures against cyber harassment and online defamation. Chairman Megumi Maekawa says that the council is seeking proposals for ways to prevent cyber harassment and online defamation, with the goal of developing a healthy online society.

Proposal submission period: Monday, October 7, 2019 to Thursday, October 31, 2019

Submission method:

Fax: +81-3-6434-5539


Proposals may be sent by facsimile transmission to the above fax number or by e-mail to the above e-mail address.

* Handling of personal information

All personal information received will be strictly managed and used only for the purpose of this proposal submission process.

Council for Cyber Harassment and Online Defamation

The goal of the council is to build a healthy Internet society through cooperation between the victims of online defamation, privacy violations, reputation damage and bullying among youth, along with victims’ families, companies, and organizations, together with IT businesses and experts, supporters, etc. Focusing mainly on care for the victims, the council is working every day to develop measures against malicious writing, creating rules to prevent harm, conducting surveys, etc. and cooperating with other countries to create a safer Internet environment.