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CyberLink Will Showcase New FaceMe® eKYC and Fintech Solutions at CES 2021

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CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a pioneer in AI and facial recognition technologies, will showcase new applications of its state-of-the-art FaceMe® technology for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry at the all-digital Consumer Electronics Show January 11-14, 2021. CyberLink will also feature its innovative software solutions, FaceMe® Health for pandemic control, and FaceMe Security for access control, authentication and security.

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CyberLink Will Showcase New FaceMe® eKYC and Fintech Solutions at CES 2021 (Graphic: Business Wire)

CyberLink Will Showcase New FaceMe® eKYC and Fintech Solutions at CES 2021 (Graphic: Business Wire)

FaceMe® eKYC and fintech solutions, deployable at the edge, offer the BFSI industries the ability to conduct secure, real-time biometric verification and identity recognition. FaceMe®’s eKYC technology offers financial institutions the ability to match a person’s photo to their ID in person or virtually, protecting customers against identity fraud whether they’re at a branch, or accessing their accounts from home.

The FaceMe® eKYC and fintech solution can be applied for identity verification, or second factor authentication, in opening bank accounts, applying for credit, conducting ATM transactions or mobile banking, buying insurance services, and using remote customer service. FaceMe® facial recognition is one of the most accurate methods of identity verification with up to 99.7% accuracy rate according to the NIST FRVT (Facial Recognition Vendor Test) and with secure built-in anti-spoofing. The cross platform flexibility allows FaceMe® to be integrated into smartphones, computers, ATMs, wall cameras and a variety of other devices.

“In light of COVID-19, financial institutions must digitalize transactions and processes while maintaining the highest level of security,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “Cutting-edge technologies such as facial recognition are the future of digital identity verification and we’re excited to showcase FaceMe® eKYC and fintech solutions at CES 2021.”

FaceMe’s® edge-based architecture empowers powerful, efficient processing, and higher levels of security compared to cloud-based solutions. FaceMe® can run on low-power CPUs to enable facial recognition on cost-effective IoT/AIoT devices, as well as being integrated with high-end servers, workstations and personal computers equipped with GPU to provide highly efficient performance. The result is a fast, flexible, and precise facial recognition SDK solution applicable for a wide range of scenarios, including: smart banking, security, access control, public safety, smart retail and more.

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Founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) is the world leader in AI facial recognition technology and multimedia software. CyberLink addresses the demands of consumer and commercial markets through a wide range of solutions, covering AI facial recognition, digital content creation, multimedia playback, video conferencing, live casting and mobile applications. With years of research in the fields of artificial intelligence and facial recognition, CyberLink has developed the FaceMe® Facial Recognition Engine. Powered by deep learning algorithms, FaceMe® delivers the reliable, high-precision, and real-time facial recognition that is critical to AIoT applications such as smart retail, smart security, and surveillance, smart city and smart home. To learn all the latest about facial recognition, its benefits and implementation considerations, read our Ultimate Guide to Edge-based Facial Recognition.

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