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Cybersecurity Expertise is Recognized as More Valuable than Tools at Technology Conferences in the Western Region

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More and more cities are proactively providing cybersecurity education and resources to their business communities to protect and strengthen local economies, and Phoenix-based Silent Sector is part of that movement, speaking at state and municipal conferences to help business leaders and technology teams work together to make better decisions about reducing cyber risks.

500 people registered for September’s sold-out L.A. Cyber Lab’s 2019 Summit, a Los Angeles event sponsored by the City and Department of Homeland Security along with cybersecurity companies such as Silent Sector. Members of Silent Sector’s leadership team appeared on a panel to share insights for Los Angeles business leaders, discussing why human expertise is more important when interpreting information security events and directing responses than simply relying on tools or software. Insight was also provided about security frameworks, establishing an effective security posture, and creating hiring processes that attract and retain top talent.

Also in September, Silent Sector leadership participated in a panel discussion at the Develop.Idaho conference hosted by the Idaho Technology Council, with 300 people attending. The Incident Response Panel included security professionals, the CEO of the Bank of Idaho, and a special agent from the FBI. The panel examined an actual cybersecurity incident to educate about how to respond, how to identify an incident’s effects on organizational operations and stakeholders, and the importance of having a documented and rehearsed Incident Response Plan. Again, the importance of human expertise came to the forefront of the discussion, along with the value of having a liaison to facilitate communication and decision-making between the executive team and the technology team.

In a business environment of increasing cyber risk, Silent Sector works to bring education and resources to mid-size companies—resources that were once only available to the largest enterprises. Decision-makers throughout the Western Region are realizing that expertise is more valuable than merely buying more tools, and companies such as Silent Sector are leading the charge to educate business leaders on how to make the most effective decisions to reduce their risk of cyber-attack.

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