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Cyrus Biotechnology Integrates DNA/RNA Support into Its Rosetta-based Protein Design Platform

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Cyrus Biotechnology, Inc., a Seattle-based biotech software company
commercializing Rosetta, the most advanced computational protein design
platform, is announcing the release of novel software capabilities to
handle protein interactions with DNA & RNA as part of its Cyrus Bench®

“Proteins that interact directly with DNA and RNA are part of an
increasing number of early discovery pipelines across the
BioPharmaceutical industry, ranging from CRISPR proteins to enzymes for
DNA synthesis and modification,” notes Cyrus CEO Dr. Lucas Nivon. “At
Cyrus we can now accelerate discovery in these key new markets with the
newly released DNA/RNA Rosetta protein design capabilities in Cyrus

Rosetta software is the world leader in protein modeling and design,
with features including homology modeling and design to improve both
protein affinity and protein stability. Rosetta combines both
physical and statistical/machine learning methods, and differs from all
other commercially available modeling software in the breadth of both
application and experimental validation. Proteins designed using Rosetta
are in pre-clinical or clinical evaluation by companies such as Tocagen,
PvP Bio, Sana and Lyell.

These new features in Cyrus Bench® enable accelerated
optimization and design of both tool compounds and therapeutic
candidates, including polymerases, transcription factors, DNA modifying
enzymes (e.g. CRISPRs), RNA modifying enzymes (e.g. isomerases) and
other valuable compounds. These targets are critical to such fields as
Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Agricultural Biotechnology and Biotechnology

These new software capabilities are available now to subscribers to
Cyrus Bench® and to new customers who subscribe to the Cyrus
Bench® suite of tools.

About Cyrus

Cyrus Biotechnology, Inc. is a privately-held biotechnology software
company offering Cyrus Bench
®, a SaaS platform
for protein engineering to accelerate discovery of biologics and small
molecules for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Consumer
Products and Synthetic Biology industries. Cyrus Bench
is based on the Rosetta software from Prof. David Baker’s laboratory at
the University of Washington, the most powerful protein engineering
software available. Cyrus customers include 10 of the top 20 Global
Pharmaceutical firms and is financed by leading investors in both
Technology and Biotechnology, including Trinity Ventures, Orbimed,
Springrock Ventures, Alexandria Venture Investments, and W Fund.