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Cyware Recognized as Industry Leader in Threat Intelligence Technology

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Cyware Labs, provider of advanced cyber fusion solutions, was awarded Gold in the Threat Intelligence Technology category in the prestigious Info Security Products Guide’s 16th Annual 2020 Global Excellence Awards. Cyware has also been recognized as a leading security startup with a Bronze in the Startup of the Year – Security Software category. The ISPG global awards celebrate the cutting-edge innovations in the security and technology sector by vendors that are setting new standards through their disruptive products, solutions, and services.

“We are proud to be recognized by Info Security Products Guide as an industry leader in the threat intelligence technology market,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Anuj Goel. “With increasing cyber risks for organizations globally, Cyware is focused on developing security solutions to alleviate the pain points and limitations in modern security operations. Powered by threat intelligence automation and integrated threat response capabilities, Cyware’s security solutions help organizations proactively identify and counter advanced threats at an early stage of the attack lifecycle and stay ahead of the ever-evolving tactics and techniques of threats actors while also improving collaboration through its cyber fusion capabilities.”

Cyware empowers organizations to collaborate and proactively respond to security threats with advanced cyber fusion solutions for threat intelligence sharing, threat response, and security automation. The Cyware suite enables organizations to aggregate and analyze threat intelligence from multiple sources agnostically, collaborate with partner organizations through intel sharing, and respond to all security threats in an automated manner with due human control. The core offerings in Cyware’s modular, integrated cyber fusion center include:

  • Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP), an automated, mobile-enabled threat alert aggregation and information sharing platform that equips key security personnel with information to improve situational awareness and resilience.
  • Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange (CTIX), a smart, client-server threat intelligence platform (TIP) for ingestion, enrichment, analysis, and bi-directional sharing of threat data within your trusted network.
  • Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR), a threat response automation platform that combines cyber fusion, advanced orchestration, and automation to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats affecting enterprises in real-time.
  • Cyware Security Orchestration Layer (CSOL), a universal, security orchestration gateway that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your security team through faster, smarter actions.

Cyware’s suite of cyber fusion solutions has enabled several Fortune 500 organizations and associations from Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, and Retail, as well as Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs/ISAOs), MSSP, and National CERTs to improve their security maturity through the graduated deployment of its security solutions. The Cyware security suite provides a clear path to progressively address issues in different layers of security operations by boosting situational awareness, simplifying threat intelligence operations, integrating security functions through cyber fusion, and using security orchestration gateways to establish more efficient and automated security processes.

About Cyware

Cyware Labs is a product-based cybersecurity provider headquartered in New York, USA. Cyware offers a full-stack of innovative cyber fusion solutions for strategic, tactical, technical and operational threat intelligence sharing, security automation and full threat response. Cyware’s solutions are designed to inculcate cyber resilience and promote secure collaboration between organizations. Cyware’s products while enhancing threat visibility, also deliver the needed control for a proactive response by providing organizations with an automated context-rich analysis of threats without losing the element of human judgment. To learn more about Cyware’s Enterprise Solutions, please visit, follow on Twitter or join Cyware’s LinkedIn Community.