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Data Driver Cinelytic Engages Warner Bros. Pictures International to Utilize Their Revolutionary AI-Driven Content and Talent Valuation System

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Cinelytic Inc., has announced that Warner Bros. Pictures International (WBPI) has officially signed on to use their platform – a revolutionary new AI-driven project management system that was launched for the motion picture industry last year. WBPI will leverage the power of Cinelytic to inform decision making around content and talent valuation to support release strategies.

Cinelytic combines AI and cloud-based technologies to enable entertainment industry professionals to make faster, and better-informed, decisions throughout the content value chain by providing comprehensive data, predictive analytics and project management tools in an integrated online platform.

The platform reduces executives’ time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks and instead focuses on generating actionable insights for packaging, green-lighting, marketing and distribution decisions in real time.

“We are very excited to work with Warner Bros. Pictures International, a leader in worldwide content, to bring the power of real-time predictive analytics to content and talent valuation decisions,” said Cinelytic co-founder and CEO Tobias Queisser.

Tonis Kiis, Senior Vice President, Warner Bros. Pictures International Distribution, added, “Warner Bros. is excited to employ Cinelytic’s cutting-edge system. In our industry, we make tough decisions every day that affect what—and how—we produce and deliver films to theaters around the world, and the more precise our data is, the better we will be able to engage our audiences.”

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About Cinelytic:

Based in Los Angeles, Cinelytic aims to become the global standard in AI driven decision support for the entertainment industry. Our online platform features machine learning & artificial intelligence driven tools that provide game changing insights on talent value, content potential/risk and audience demand in real time.