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Data Virtualization: The Key to Succeed in the Data-driven Economy | Quantzig

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Data virtualization in today’s world is driven by several factors, including maturing of traditional data management systems, increasing computing power, and a declining end-user willingness to wait to access and act on data-driven insights. Irrespective of these factors, it is quite evident that data virtualization is here to stay because it holds the promise of streamlining the challenges that have impacted organizational data management for decades.

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Though most businesses are aware of the need to enhance data management, most of them haven’t yet explored the true potential and opportunities that come with data virtualization. Today, advanced analytics and data virtualization enable businesses to become more agile in delivering the required data to business users. Quantzig, in its recent article, exploits some of these opportunities by shedding light on the role of data virtualization and its benefits from a business perspective.

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Data Virtualization – A New Opportunity To Drive Meaningful Insights From Siloed Data Sets in 2021

Experts at Quantzig suggest that adopting an enterprise perspective is crucial to improve the success of data virtualization implementation. It’s essential from a business perspective because data virtualization is more of an enabling technology that can pose major IT challenges if left unchecked; this is especially true in cases of organization-wise deployment. The actual challenge here lies in striking the right balance between providing enough architectural and data management structure without stifling data virtualization implementation and corresponding innovation.

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In most cases, the long-term success of data virtualization within an organization hinges on the ability to address each of the steps listed below-

  • Ensure the solutions meet the evolving, diverse needs of users across the organization
  • Establish guidelines that clearly state when the data virtualization platform should be used to access data versus traditional methods
  • Determine responsibilities and assign primary ownership
  • Train in-house BI and data management teams on the new technology
  • Leverage data virtualization to provide controlled and secured access to operational data

Businesses across industries generate different types of data from various sources. Analyzing these data sets is no easy since enterprises have different users at multiple touchpoints with varying skillsets. Hence it is crucial to customized solutions to ensure quick and easy access to data instead of waiting for data to be cleansed and ready for use. At Quantzig, we understand that these are significant challenges from an enterprise perspective. To address the challenges, we offer tailored data management solutions that enable enterprises to be agile so that they can be competitive and innovative with their business models. Book a FREE Demo to learn how we’ve helped leading players across industries to make crucial decisions with data-driven insights.

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