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Data Warehousing and Data Mining are the Latest Data Weapons to Combat COVID-19 | Read Quantzig’s Article to Learn Why

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its recent article that examines the role of data warehousing and data mining in combating COVID-19.

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The article also offers comprehensive insights on:

1. The top data mining trends of 2020

2. The benefits of data warehousing and data mining in the healthcare industry

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Currently, the whole world is looking forward to data-driven insights to combat coronavirus. Data analytics has already started to show fruitful results by predicting the impact of coronavirus. To devise an appropriate predictive analytics model for analyzing the outbreak, mining medical data isn’t sufficient, but you also need to get faster and smarter at it. By leveraging Quantzig’s advanced data analytics solutions that leverage data mining and text analytics you will be able to convert bigger datasets into actionable insights in a much smaller span of time. We must take note of this fact that the healthcare industry doesn’t revolve around just physicians and patients but also third parties like insurance companies. Secured and organized data is a good opportunity for organizations to save money. All they need is to represent their facilities in an accurate way by leveraging advanced data warehousing and data mining solutions.

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According to Quantzig’s data analysts, “Despite the opportunities like universal accessibility and digitalization, the global healthcare system is facing several obstacles due to changes in healthcare requirements.”

Healthcare data warehousing and data mining might remain an unexplored field and most of the health organizations and researchers are still unaware of its benefits. In this current scenario of the world, healthcare organizations can’t afford to unsee the benefits of data warehousing and data mining in combating the novel coronavirus. Book a FREE Demo for detailed insights.

Four Emerging Data Mining Trends

1: Time series data mining

2: Ubiquitous Data Mining

3: Distributed Data Mining

4: Multimedia Data Mining

By leveraging data warehousing and data mining techniques healthcare organizations and researchers can uncover valuable insights to improve the process of clinical trial and decrease drug development time. Data warehousing and data mining are equally important in helping healthcare organizations with the decision-making process. Decision-making should be based on facts, especially in the healthcare industry. Leveraging data warehousing and data mining has resulted in accurate decision-making. Healthcare organizations can now measure, interpret and analyze patient data collected from various sources with much ease. Read the complete article to gain detailed insights into each of these factors:

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