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DataArt Partners with STRUCINSPECT to Create Innovative Bridge Inspection Platform

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DataArt, a global software engineering firm that designs, develops, and supports high-quality solutions, announced today that it has joined forces with startup STRUCINSPECT by PALFINGER to create an innovative new digital platform for inspecting bridges.

The platform improves the process of traditional physical inspection by engineers. The current methods are labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive. STRUCINSPECT teams up with state-of-the-art data collection partners and handles the heavy computational 3D data processing, image analysis, and AI-assisted damage detection.

High quality images are taken either by drones or by people on the ground. Those images are uploaded and analyzed using AI algorithms that can detect defects with an exceptionally high level of accuracy. Images are further used to generate a 3D model (Digital Twin) incorporating comprehensive information about the structure. This data is then used as the basis for further integration into a building information modeling (BIM) system, a tool widely used in the construction industry.

By rapidly adapting new technologies for connectivity and big data, ever more detailed digital images of physical objects can be created. Reliable and future-oriented analytics platforms like this can generate significantly higher quality insights. Using a digital twin makes it possible to create added value along the entire supply chain.

The new platform will have a far-reaching impact as the product expands worldwide. The rollout in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), where the compliance processes surrounding inspections can be cumbersome, will demonstrate the high value of this solution. Months of work and inconvenient closures for inspection of roads, bridges and other infrastructure will be drastically reduced by an automated process that yields high-quality, reliable information about structural defects.

Dr. Silvia Kienberger, SVP New Business and Technology with DataArt DACH, said: “Areas of application and value cases for digital twins can be found in every industrial sector, from aircraft engine engineering to capital businesses. It is a rapidly growing market valued at USD 35.8 billion (2025) at a CAGR of 37.8%.”

Alexander Makeyenkov, MD DataArt Switzerland, continued: “We’re very excited to be partnering with STRUCINSPECT, as our expertise in process automation software is making it possible to take a giant leap forward in structural inspection. We’re creating a desktop version of the platform that will significantly reduce the time and money necessary to carry out a service that is of vital importance to public safety.”

Albrecht Karlusch, MD of STRUCINSPECT said: “DataArt has proven to be a trusted technology partner and instrumental in building and launching the current platform. The market potential is significant and ultimately we envision expanding beyond bridges to tunnels, roads, and other essential infrastructure.”


PALFINGER, VCE and the ANGST GROUP have combined their expertise to launch STRUCINSPECT, which will bring an entirely new inspection service to the market and thereby increase the safety of crucial infrastructure. The technology will facilitate an inspection process that is more precise, economically efficient and sustainable that previously possible. The company’s core competence is the management of data capture, creation of digital twins, AI-assisted evaluation of damage and automated generation of reports. The company will support civil engineers in offering an end-to-end service for infrastructure providers to manage the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure with the STRUCINSPECT platform.

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