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DataKitchen Releases Pivotal Book on DataOps Transformation

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DataKitchen, the leading enterprise DataOps software platform provider, today announced the release of the latest book in its groundbreaking DataOps series, Recipes for DataOps Success: The Complete Guide to An Enterprise DataOps Transformation. This book follows on the heels of its successful precursor, The DataOps Cookbook, which has been downloaded more than 14,000 times and counting. Whereas the Cookbook gives a complete overview of DataOps and why companies need it, Recipes for Success answers the important questions of how to use DataOps to transform an organization. For example, how do you build support for DataOps? What is the best first project? How can you transfer DataOps from a single team to the greater enterprise? And much more.

DataOps is a data analytics methodology that serves as the vehicle for transformational change led by analytics. It emphasizes observability and meta-orchestration to produce error-free analytics that can be created and updated at lightning speed.

“As data leaders have come to realize how DataOps can supercharge their company’s business agility, many began to ask us how to use DataOps to transform their organizations,” said Chris Bergh, CEO and Head Chef of DataKitchen. “In this book, we share all of the insight that we’ve gained from our own experiences coaching data analytics professionals on the best way to lead organizational change. We hope this book helps others evangelize and lead a DataOps transformation.”

James Royster, currently head of Data Analytics at Adamas Pharmaceuticals and former head of Data Strategy and Operations at Celgene added, “At Celgene we followed the principles described in this book and it had a transformative effect on our organization. Our team was able to do a whole lot more analytics, faster and with fewer errors. This allowed the team to focus more energy on bringing value to our partners.”

The new book complements other DataOps Transformation Products and Services offered by DataKitchen. DataKitchen’s DataOps Maturity Model Assessment is available on its website. The Maturity Model enables organizations to assess their current DataOps maturity level and benchmark against their peers. DataKitchen also offers strategic and technical DataOps Transformation Advisory Services.

In addition to its exploration of ways to transform your data organization, the book contains the DataKitchen team’s favorite recipes in order to sustain you on your DataOps journey.

To learn more about DataOps please refer to Recipes for DataOps Success is freely downloadable on the DataKitchen website.

About DataKitchen

DataKitchen offers the only complete enterprise DataOps Platform that enables organizations to quickly, intuitively, and successfully, implement and manage an end-to-end DataOps program, using tools they already own. The Platform serves as the command center for a DataOps program. It simplifies complex toolchains, environments, and teams so that the entire data analytics organization can quickly innovate, seamlessly collaborate, and instantly deliver the kind of error-free, on-demand insight that leads to one successful business decision after another.

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