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Datron Adds Services to Current IDIQ FMS Contract

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Datron World Communications, Inc. (,
a leader in tactical military communications products, today announced
the addition of training, support, and other critical services to the
company’s $495M
with the US Army Communications Electronics Command
(CECOM). The revised contract facilitates Datron’s ability to offer a
Total Package Approach to its FMS customers and end-users by matching
cost-effective tactical radio systems with the necessary services to
effectively field, utilize, and maintain the radio equipment.

“The addition of services has been an important part of our strategy as
we continue to promote a full complement of radio communications
products and services that match the requirements of our FMS customers
with their capabilities,” said John Biljan, Datron’s VP of Sales and
Marketing. “The addition of services to Datron’s IDIQ will considerably
reduce the acquisition timeline for training and other services needed
to fully support our customers in the field.”

Under the revised FMS contract, Datron will now offer a streamlined path
to acquisitions for equipment training, Field Service Representative
(FSR) support, and other requisite services needed to support and
sustain the company’s tactical HF, VHF, and Multi-Band communications
products. “Datron is a proud partner to the U.S. Government FMS program
and strives to support its mission with technology and services that are
in sync with the real needs of U.S. coalition partners,” said Art
Barter, President and CEO of Datron. “This contract modification allows
us to more aggressively compete in Security Cooperation programs by
advancing partner nation capabilities with a full complement of
technology their troops will actually use.”

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Datron World Communications, Inc. delivers communications products and
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