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Datron Announces $14.5M in FMS Contracts for Products and Services to Customer in Central Asia

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Datron World Communications, Inc. (, a leader in tactical communications products, today announced the receipt of two Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracts from the United States Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) totaling $14.5M for the provision of the company’s products and services to the armed forces of a Central Asian customer.

“These significant awards reinforce both Datron’s and the U.S. Government’s on-going commitment to supplying our customer with both high quality communications equipment and the requisite services needed to continue supporting their challenging security missions,” said John Biljan, Datron’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Datron is pleased to continue building upon its long-term relationship with the end-user as well as the U.S. Government in supplying secure communications equipment and services tailor-made to the users on the ground.”

In September of 2016, Datron was awarded a five-year, $495 million FMS Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract from the U.S. Army CECOM. These latest awards spotlight Datron’s continued commitment to supporting the U.S. Government’s Security Assistance objectives in Central Asia. “Datron is eager to expand its partnership with the U.S. Government and international Partner Nations with cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use communications equipment,” said Biljan.

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