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Dauntless Launches Today With True Cross-Play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and The Epic Games Store

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Phoenix Labs, an independent game studio built on the foundation of
delivering AAA experiences for players to enjoy together, launched their
free-to-play co-op Action-RPG Dauntless on PlayStation 4,
Xbox One, and the Epic Games store today. Dauntless represents a
major milestone in the games industry as the first ever game to launch
with true cross-play functionality across all platforms. The launch
fulfills Phoenix Labs’ promise of “One Dauntless,” a cross-platform and
cross-progression system that enables players to take their Dauntless account
with them wherever they go, and allows players to team up with others
around the world regardless of their platform of choice.

“After a year in Open Beta and a ton of great feedback from over 3
million Dauntless players, we’re proud to bring our game to console and
expand our PC audience through the Epic Games store,” said Jesse
Houston, CEO and Co-founder, Phoenix Labs. “When we first started
talking about ‘One Dauntless,’ we knew it was a truly audacious goal. No
one has ever launched on console with full cross-play support from the
start, but we believed in our vision and, thankfully, our friends at
Epic Games, Sony, and Microsoft did too. Keeping the community connected
is one of our top priorities, and with all the new players coming in at
launch, there’s never been a better time to be a Slayer in Dauntless.”

Dauntless arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games
store with numerous improvements and content updates. The Mastery system
offers a new way for players to hone their skills, earn experience,
unlock achievements, and acquire new rewards. Each Behemoth and weapon
has its own unique Mastery card for players to delve into.

Players can also look forward to a massive campaign rework. Everything
from questing and crafting to meeting other players and pursuing
Behemoths has received massive updates. The rework also introduces a
brand new “End of Hunt” screen, providing players with a wealth of
information, including progress made in various Mastery cards, quest
rewards, Behemoth break parts earned, and more.

Also launching today is a new Hunt Pass. The Hidden Blades Hunt Pass
transforms the world of Dauntless for the Moon Blossom Festival
and offers players a huge variety of thematic gear to flaunt their inner
assassin. As with previous Hunt Pass seasons, players can work through
50 levels of content across both the basic and Elite tracks, earning
cosmetic rewards as well as premium currency along the way.

Dauntless puts players in the role of a Slayer, one of a rare
class of heroes risking their lives to defend the Shattered Isles from a
growing Behemoth threat. As a Slayer, players and their hunting party
are all that stand between the Shattered Isles and the Behemoths that
seek to devour it. Players take on boss-sized monsters, forge powerful
weapons, and craft armor from the very creatures they slay — all in a
massive, free-to-play online world.

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About Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs is an independent game company based in Vancouver, British
Columbia and San Mateo, California. The company was founded in 2014 to
create games for its passionate community and evolve the way great games
are made and enjoyed. They aspire to create new AAA gaming experiences
that their community will share for years to come. Their debut title Dauntless,
a co-op action RPG, is being developed by a veteran team from BioWare,
Riot Games, and other acclaimed studios. For more information on Phoenix
Labs and to view open positions visit